If the Texans get the #1 Pick

Who do you think they take?
What do you perceive to be their biggest needs?

In house masseuses… super hot ones with limited inhibitions.

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They will take Hutchinson


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They will probably get a Herschel walker type trade that we can only dream of.


The big question is if the pistons get the #1 pick this year, will they be a good team in 2 years?


Considering the Texans had both Watt (Hutchinson) and Clowney (Thibodeaux) at the same time, I say they take Hutchinson.

I really don’t want us to end up with the second overall pick. That’s a really bad spot this year.

I want us to win a few more games so we take Garrett Wilson at 1A.


You will have a better chance of the rams losing into position for your Ohio state heartthrob.

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Must. Not. Do. Obvious.Joke.From Picture.

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I selected that GIF with a bit of thought… like an amateur psychology experiment for fun!


Umm, I’m still getting this ad with this super hot blond Russian bride and I’m pretty sure I can see at least one of her nipples. I still haven’t found the “buy now” button.


Texans named Davis Mills QB for the rest of the year. Clearly a tank job.

Honestly, it’s a smart move.

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this will happen for sure if they get the pick instead of us

What made me laugh was their coach saying that Mills gives them the best chance to win then the next line on the ESPN ticker said Mills is 0-6 with more INTs than TDs haha. You ain’t fooling nobody coach.

Does anybody else feel a little empty without college football today? I actually have to find other “stuff” to do. Ugh


I wouldn’t say “empty”, but the struggle is real.

Army / Navy game brother!


I hate this time of year. It gets especially bad after the NFL playoffs and college playoffs/bowl games.

I used to watch all sports…Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers. Every game.

I dont know what happened. I stopped watching the Pistons and Red Wings after they started to rebuild.

Then when the Tigers starter a rebuild I stopped watching them. I did watch some games last year though.

I guess I just had a certain fan connection with the players on those teams when they were good and when they retired or left it just wasn’t the same for me anymore. I cant develop that connection to the teams or players anymore. There is no *juice in those teams. No top effort. Lack of passion.

But I still watch football no matter what and when its over…I suppose I’ll start looking at the tigers but I mostly focus on the NFL draft to get me by. And weirdly enough, even though the Lions havent been winners, I havent quit watching them. I think some of that has to do with they only play 17 games and not 100’s of games like the other leagues. But at least DC has the guys playing with passion. Well, most of them. Goff sure could pick it up.

Very true, love Army/Navy. I meant more in the full day of college football sense though. The first Saturday after Conference Championship Saturday is always an adjustment. I usually cram in chores to get everything done around 2 or so on CFB Saturdays. Now I can do them more methodically, but that’s not fun.

UFC 269 tonight

I think the UFC is very fake…but something to watch.

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If you like boxing, Lomachenko fights tonight on ESPN. Hell, if you don’t like boxing I still recommend watching this guy. Boxers like him and his skill set do not come along very often. 396-1 record before turning pro. Human highlight reel

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