If there’s change

While the people have spoken
There still seems hesitancy to change at the top. He’s not leaving without a fight.

If there’s change

Can they luck into the right guys ?

I’m thinking it’s either a confirmed gm or HC hall of famer who gets keys to franchise and turns it around
Or it’s gambling to find that type early in his careee before people know he’s Thst guy.
And because it’s lions , the guy likely has to be way off radar.

Corey Chavois or P Manning at GM
Deion Sanders as head coach ?
Snoop dogg ?
Al Pacino ?
Glover Quin ? Dan orlovsky?

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Any Given Sunday Al Pacino, Devils Advocate Al Pacino or Scarface Al Pacino?


I can see a need for any one of them.

Even scent of a woman al

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it’s painful watching what vrabel and flores are doing. all while our coach (smartest guy in the room) can’t even get 11 defenders on the field on a routine basis.


Lions never do the same thing twice in a row. Let’s go back to Daryl Rogers, College HC. Then Fontes, coordinator then interim. Then Ross, Super Bowl loser, then Mornhinweg, the OC, then Mariucci, the retread. Then Marinelli, the position coach, then Schwartz, the DC. Then we have Caldwell, Super Bowl loser, and Patricia the DC.

I don’t think they have tried bringing a coach out of retirement yet, maybe that’ll be the next move, maybe I’ll finally get my wish to see Shottenheimer as the HC 20 years too late, :laughing:.

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Indeed. How Quinn picked a guy no one seems to respect or want to put out for, over two highly respected guys who are getting the most out of their teams is way beyond me. The fact BQ fired a superior coach and replaced him with an inferior moral character with very little apparent personal discipline is display #1 when deciding his fate.


Good point. I don’t want Quinn running another draft, let alone picking a new HC


Yup that’s a good point too.

During that time they also passed on so many good coaches or didn’t give up enough control or offer to pay enough to get them.

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If we do luck into the right guy we will cut bait long before he has a chance to deliver the prize.

Fortunately if you judge by recent history if a guy doesn’t deliver something meaningful in his first 2 to 3 years, its probably not going to happen anyways. I am not sure how patient Sheila will be, but historically we have given coaches a decent amount of time to prove that they are not the one.


I just hope Sheila has a better plan than Martha did in 2014.

Martha leaned on someone who had been out of active roles in the league for two decades (Accorsi) to come up with the BQ masterstroke. His strategy of identifying a personnel guy at the best team in the league did not pay off.

Hopefully Sheila goes a bit more in depth than that.

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I think it will be the annoying hoo-aww one from scent of a woman. That would be so Lionesque to hire a blind head coach who just uses some lame ass catch phrase during the press conferences.


that was always a dream hire of mine. marty was the most snake bitten coach to ever walk the sidelines. he should have gone to at least 2 super bowls if his players don’t screw it up. his teams were always extremely physical. they ran the ball and played a brutal style of defense. always wanted to see a lions team built like his chargers teams were.

the sad thing looking back is that i think schwartz could have been successful in detroit if he’d had a good gm.

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Yeah, we all need to remember to send Accorsi a pile of gorilla poop for Christmas.

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Like Bill B and Dick LeBaeau

And probably Kellen Moore. Should’ve just promoted him to OC rather than cut him

Need to right a wrong and offer Kevin Colbert whatever it takes and hire him to run everything. He was in charge of the drafts in the 90’s and was fired when Millen was hired. Went to the Steelers and just continued his great drafting there


Random associated note, but I always look back at how Archie Manning saved his son from a mess in San Diego that most of us had no idea was going on. Archie said he “talked to his people” and they nailed it. Who the hell fires a 14-2 coach? Eli would have also been in a QB battle with Drew Brees, which could have gone in another direction had Drew not gotten hurt.

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I respectfully disagree. A guy taken #1 overall is going to play sooner or later. Only a dumbass organization would draft a QB #1 and not give him a shot to play.