"If they all stay healthy", examining offensive line options

As Jim Schwartz used to say, you need something to hang your hat on. For the Lions offense, that’s the offensive line. While last year brought pleasant surprises in the form of Sewell’s performance and Evan Brown stepping in for Ragnow, this is a group where adding depth is always welcome.

Personally, I’m excited to see what this offense will look like with all five starters firing on all cylinders, but I’m also aware of how much the odds are stacked against it. A couple bad turns and suddenly your looking at Dan Skipper.

I’ve been examining guys like Jamaree Salyer, thinking about how much a mid-round choice could provide significant insurance and benefits moving into the future (flexibility in moving Big V, etc) for a relatively low buy in.

I’m interested in hearing what you think. Building on a strength? BPA? A foolish luxury? Hoping to hear some deep thinking (and here come the Jack Handy gifs) on the subject, thanks :blush:

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