If we go with a Defensive HC who's your OC?

I know that Bienemy is a hot name, but my guy is Keith Butler. DC from the Steelers. Saleh is common name too even though the Niners are having a rough year. But here is a little more detail that digs into what Saleh has been able to do. I like the fact that he has adapted his defense significantly based on losing his two top pass rushers, to continue to generate pressure. Something that is completely lost on our HC.

Anyway, if we do go with a defensive HC, who’s out there that you guys like as a potential OC. I think Bevell has failed mightily this season and I have no interest in bringing him back.


I don’t want a “defensive or offensive” HC. I want a HC. Looking for a leader.


Bevell is a good, maybe to a default, follower…

I really thought he’s do good things here, but … you have to wonder if, and I have no clue, if he was working with the parameters set by MP…

I just have a vibe about him being good… and my vibe could be totally off key!!

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This is how I feel too. Someone who is a leader of men is WAY more important. philosophy over strategy.
Leader of men
Philosophically aggressive would be my 2nd characteristic I would want.

Draft nasty and attack on both sides of the ball. Let the guys have fun. This “numbers game”/Math problem bullshit has killed us for decades. Let the guys attack, play football, and have fun.


Jim Caldwell was no tactician but he got a mediocre roster to play over their heads by simply being a leader of men.

Vrabel isn’t some damn wizard either.

Leaders of men don’t have to beg for good assistants to follow them either.


Math problem, you mean like

How do you stop a team on D only playing 10 guys on critical downs?


If you add 3 slow D-Linemen, 2 slow linebackers, a couple slow safties, and MULTIPLE it by a Rocket Genius scheme derivative of Not Blitzing and Playing Man Coverage All The Time,

How fast do you get to WTF WAS THAT SHIT???


I made this mistake the last go-round with Mike Vrabel. “He’s never even been a coordinator.”

How’d that work out? He’s five times the coach Patricia is.

I’ve become convinced that there’s no magical formula. How you get a great coach and GM is keep firing the ones who demonstrate they aren’t, and never will be, winners, until you finally stumble into the guys who can get it done.

That approach in Cleveland has the Browns at 7-3 with a mediocre-at-best QB.


I was specifically referencing
run the ball to eat clock when ahead by X points with X amount of time…Prevent D when ahead by X points with X time left-type of shit.
I like your post way better than mine.

Plenty of reason to upgrade. The one thing we know for certain…our next coach will be better than this one.


That’s fine, but it doesn’t work that way. You will be choosing a guy who either runs an NFL teams offense, or defense. What that means is, that is the scheme you will be running on that side of the ball. Then that guy is going to hire for the other side of the ball. That guy is generally going to be more of a reach because they are probably an assistant that is under the current OC or DC on a good NFL team. Bevell was unemployed. So his last gig was as an OC. But if you want success, generally that guy is currently employed and that system is doing very well. This defense is way more horrible than this offense. There is literally only ONE team in the NFL that has given up more points, the Cowboys. We need A LOT of help there. So IF we go with say Butler or Saleh, we need to probably get a guy who is a QB coach right now.

Mike Kafka for example is the QB coach/ passing game cood of the most prolific offense in the NFL right now. So that would be a pretty good way to go IMO. He was a guy selected as both a QB and a coach by Andy Reid. He’s run the development of Patrick Mahomes from the jump. He’s young and doesn’t have a ton of experience. He could simply be the beneficiary of a generational QB talent ala Josh McDaniels. Then he again, he may be a great hire who’s the next big thing that we can get without having to promote an OC like Bienemy to HC and letting our last in the NFL level defense get guy with less experience…


I agree 100%

Also agree. Good post

Usually they go the opposite side of the ball to what the previous regime was… Marinelli replaced Mooch, Caldwell replaced Schwartz, Patricia replaced Caldwell… Schwartz did replace Marinelli though, so who knows. If they plan to go QB in the first round I definitely want a younger, innovative offensive coach installed at OC or HC

If we could ever get a nasty offensive line together, I’d like nothing more than to average 4.8 ypc or better and run it every single down. I’d run a Wishbone and our QB would be nicknamed Handoff Boy. Today’s defenses aren’t built to withstand that kind of pounding and teams don’t draft for that anymore. By end of the third quarter, those defensive coordinators would be crying for their mommies as their front seven starts looking like a MASH unit. Who needs a bunch of WR’S and a high priced QB when you can just step on their throats and drive it home?

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I love nasty football too. AP in his prime was sick. Just run the football up their ass sideways with no lube. Crush their soul by winning the fist fight up front all game. Love that.
While we’d be too predictable with exactly what you described, I’d have no issue with leaning hard that direction, if we had the personnel for it.

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Not to be pessimistic but I really doubt Butler leaves Pittsburgh for Detroit. Even if it is a HC job. The reality is it’s suicide. Detroit is a joke. Butler has been in Pittsburgh for 17 years. Why leave that? I keep mentioning I live in Pitt, and I know I’m annoying mentioning the sports talk radio but it truly is fantastic. I’ve lived in Detroit, baltimore, San Francisco and Dc and the sports talk radio here is the best and it’s not even close. The stuff the talk about is insanely in-depth and knowledgeable. Like how most assistants don’t leave Pitt. Teryl Austin might but he isn’t considered truly a Steeler, only been here a few years and “why the hell did he go to Detroit??” “Why leave a place you make a few hundred thousand a year and can live here for decades? Raise a family?”

Same talk radio doesn’t think very highly of Salah, don’t think he is anything special.

I want no part of a defensive coach. Get an offensive mind who will take the handcuffs off the offense and let whoever play 2020 offensive football.


I watched Kliff Kingsbury be a mediocre Big 12 football for half a decade yet his ass already has a pro team looking decent.

We need a coach open to modern game


This 100%. It doesn’t even have to be a Big 12 style coach, just someone aware that the league has made offense SO MUCH easier than defense (like Joe Brady, perhaps). It’s foolish to put too many eggs in the latter basket.

So many people on here want us to go back in time. I can only assume this is based on nostalgia - I love a good smash mouth game too. It’s fun as hell to impose your will on someone. But it doesn’t work anymore. Or, it does, but in a different way. The way the Chiefs do it.

Look at the Titans, they got hot last year and made a run playing an old school style… only to run up against the Chiefs and get hammered. The Jags had the best defense since the 2000 Ravens and yet lost to the Pats in a high scoring game.

When was the last time a team won a Super Bowl with their defense? Baltimore or Tampa back at the turn of the century? Seattle had a great defense but a good offense too. I suppose you can include the Broncos but even they had Payton Manning at QB. Even if you include those teams, you’re looking at a once every eight or so years. Why would we want that? Give me the one that wins 7 out of 8.

And we know it won’t happen this year either, as there’s not a single great defense.

The league is offensive now and we need to act accordingly, as much as some of you don’t like it.

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I am not sold on Kliff. There are some who think he got outcoached by our now fired coach. Let’s see how he does over the lifetime of his contract in Zona before wanting the next Kliff in Detroit. He is 6-4. 11-14-1 overall…better then MP but still mediocre with creative offensive ideas.

The Titans are a good modern run it down their throat team, but there’s not that many Derrick Henry’s to go around.