If we win today

What position could we end up getting in the draft ? Does it depend on dolphins and the giants ? We could potentially get 5th if we win eh?

5th is lowest possible.

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Root for Giants and Dolphins so we stay at 3.


Man that sucks . I can never cheer for the packers . But I also know winning today means nothing for next year . Ok I guess I’ll just cheer for the refs and hope they get us a loss :-/

Most of us hadn’t thought about it, because nobody expected a team fighting for a Playoff Bye, to crap the bed.

I swear the Packers just know how to troll us…


Yes that’s a much better plan then to cheer for the pack . Didn’t think of that

The lions love to surprise it’s fan base. I figured they would play really hard today . It’s their revenge game

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No lower than five and we can’t pick number one.

We will pick 2-5

Even at 5, a good player will be available.

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There were good players available last year at 8, we took a TE


Bad players on bad team playing for jobs. Future of team, hope of fans, irrelevant.

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How could anyone be surprised if the Lions win today? This is exactly the kind of game the Lions always win.

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Just look to last year’s finale with Green Bay

The Packers are playing like they don’t care. Rodgers smiling as he over throws receiver after receiver. Crosby smiling after a missed FG. I just don’t know.


Welcome brother!!

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Thank you

This Miami/NE game is so bizarre …

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Welcome to hell.

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OK, so if I’m getting this right, beating the Pack now doesn’t hurt us since Miami won. Is that right? Could we get No. 3 and ruin the Pack’s post-season in one day?

I think people want to guarantee that chase Adams pic with the Los pretty bad