If/when we lose Bevell, we may regret it a little

I’m not saying Bevell would be the perfect HC. He’s been better than he gets credit for.
Who’s your choice for OC to replace him?


I don’t see a scenario where he stays on with the guy who got the job he wanted and interviewed for. And Bevell isn’t Frank Reich. Detroit’s offense underperformed. I think Bevell is a solid, veteran offensive coordinator, but I wouldn’t consider him irreplaceable.


I do think patricia hamstrung him. the offense seemed quite different once MP was out of the picture.


I think both of these things are true.

I think Bev’s offense is solid, and it’s a good fit for Stafford. He’s the best OC we’ve had in ages.

I also don’t think he’s irreplaceable or unique. I think you’d see similar results with a Hue Jackson type.


What would they be losing? They had a trash running game and a QB who passed for a lot of yards when Bevell took over and they still have a trash running game and a QB who passed for a lot of yards now. They are also bottom third in the league in points scored. How has he moved the needle in any meaningful way? Someone please explain this to me.

I just don’t get the fascination with this guy and Lewis for that matter from a certain group on this board. I don’t get it.

We see teams stressed every year by their coaches departing. Sometimes it’s not even the coordinator themself that was the difference, rather it’s the combination that made it work. For Detroit, what success are we liable to fall from? I’d rather there be a shared vision between the new HC and both of his coordinators, Bevell’s successes be damned.


Coaches can only do so much. (Insert grocery comment here). But bevell did seem to get good production out of the passing game even though our talent at the skill positions is mediocre, especially with missing golladay all season. And the scheme fits stafford’s skill set… which is something we were really missing under caldwell.

One thing that excites me about Salah being our HC is the fact SF run-game coordinator Mike McDaniel or passing-game coordinator Mike LaFleur would likely be brought in with him as our new OC.

Would really love to see what TJ could do in an offense that has used Kittle so well.

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I guess I don’t get it…you say Bevell is the best OC we have had in ages, then say “well he’s not irreplaceable.” ?

No he’s not but how many years would it take to land someone as good or better if we parted ways with him…being we haven’t had anyone LIKE Bevell in ages?

See as a HC, he could run the offense we just need a DC that knows what the hell they are doing-for once. Then we win WAY more often than not.
It’s the GM that has to also be smart and draft well and handle the cap.

I wouldn’t assume Bevell would refuse to stay on as OC (not to mention, he’s under contract). It just depends on his relationship with whoever gets the job and on what his other options are. He’s not getting an HC shot anywhere else, so it’s just a question of where he wants to coach as a coordinator. If he likes Stafford (and we’re keeping him), likes the Fords, doesn’t feel like uprooting his family, it may not be that hard of a sell.

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This is actually the most concerning thing about Saleh. Having a defensive coach bring in an OC that is like under 35 years old and has never called plays while working under an amazing playcaller who has all the control in Shanahan… could be a disaster in waiting. So while saleh could make gains on our defense quickly… he could also joe lombardi our offense

It’s a tough one, I don’t know if we’ll regret it but if the next GM isn’t 100% on board I think they should part ways. Lack of production has plenty to do with not having Golladay for most of the season, stretching the field wasn’t really a threat during that time. To what extent he didn’t play Cephus more is actually kind of alarming because of the status of the rest of the WR’s and Cephus played well enough while he was in there.

Cephus also seemed overwhelmed. He had a lot of miscommunication issues and drops throughout the season. He had a couple nice plays, but he hasn’t shown any consistency that would warrant a big increase in playing time. Maybe he grows more next year.

The Eagles won a SB with a backup QB, I fail to see how this is logical comparison to Bevell and the Lions.

If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle. The Lions have tried every approach that has worked everywhere else but failed here. Bevell could go somewhere else and become offensive juggernaut. Does mean it would work here, just means he found the right situation. At this point in my life I feel like the only way the Lions become successful is by getting lucky hiring the right people.


Stat I hadn’t heard. This year we scored over 20 points in 14 games. A franchise record.

In a season where you tanked what would the downside be to giving him more chances?

Because these guys are playing for their jobs. You play to win the game. And Cephus was not going to get us more wins with his routes / communication issues and drops.

In the NFL you have to earn your playing time by performing every day. You can’t just hand guys reps because of their draft status, age, contract, etc

And your examples would be…

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And the opposing team averaged 40 per game, lol.