If you are feeling down today

Just be glad you didn’t pass the snow plow on the way to work today like us poor souls here in the yoop.


Yeah, but, I did! It’s winter in Alpena, too.
And Epstein didn’t kill himself.


I miss using snowshoes …

No you don’t

Lol - I lived in northern Japan in Misawa. Could get 210 inches of snow… with drifts up to 8 ft… I actually loved having climb out the top of the house and snowshoe to the store… what power the weather has and for me, the Power of the One who made the weather! I love it and miss it.


I know where you are coming from, it can be beautiful.

Last four years we’ve had 313, 267, 222, and 340 inches.


I lived in Misawa too, circa 1953. Dad was in the Army then.

Temp hit 100 today here in San Antonio. Feeling bad for you PBs up there in the frigid north.

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Dude I miss that place… I ever win the lottery- I’m going there to die…