If you had to guess the Lions pick at 7 right now, who would you pick?

I have absolutely no idea so I wanted to ask everyone what they thought.

I’m leaning Waddle right now because I think Smith will be a Dolphin and Chase will be an Eagle. I also think that we’re going to be one of those teams that passes on Parsons for his “character issues.”

Micah Parsons.


That’s my guess too. Talented kid, but it sure seems like the Lions are all-in on building the right culture the right way. Hard to see a player with a reputation for being that immature as somebody they’ll want to put out there as a high-profile building block in our rebuild.

I expect a trade-down honestly. I’ll be surprised if that’s not the case. I think Brad Holmes wants MOARRRR PICKS!!! above all else. But if they do stick there, gotta be WR, whichever of the top 3 they like best.


I wouldn’t be shocked if they took Slater if he’s there and they make the pick themselves.

Yeah, this is where I am. I expect a trade down the way the board is right now. If we have to pick at 7 it gets tricky. I guess I would go with Waddle, but I wouldn’t like it. Top ten WRs are generally a bad idea. I might look at Slater as well, at least the positional value would be better.

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Sure hope you’re right, my bro. I agree w/you guys on Parsons, but I think we’re likely to get stuck @7.

I think we go WR, and I fully support that.

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I just want a good football player that doesn’t play TE or QB.


I think its going to be Justin Fields.

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We need a WR and at 7 I think the most talented person on the board will be a WR. But yea, anything besides a TE or QB and I’m good with it. And if we can trade down I’d probably be good with that as well.

Long snapper it is.


football player

I don’t think we stay at 7. Trade down seems like a real possibility this year. There are several QB needyy teams and Tackles are always at a premium. There was a story out this morning about Russell Wilson get sacked too much the past few years. Perhaps they make a move for a Tackle. Maybe other teams see Seattle’s need as well as their own and make a move.

Lots of smoke and mirrors this time of year. Regardless the Lions are in a great position with multiple options at 7.

If they stay, I think it will be Trey Lance

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2nd WR off the board.

That’s a great point. QB is usually the top target for a trade-up, but there’s a good chance one or both of the top OT prospects will be sitting there too, especially if several QBs go early.


I don’t want to pick here. I think the top 3 QBs will be gone along with Sewell, Chase and Smith, and at that point I want a couple teams vying for Lance. It will happen because I want that, right?

Parsons looks great when he sees the play, but seeing is not one of his strengths from a few plays that I’ve seen. No Lance for me at #7. I think the Lions finish their line with Christian Darrisaw at RT and “Many Vowels” Vaitai at RG.



If there is no trade down .Im saying WR. They have to address the position at some point , and I think they let Kenny walk and use that money on defense . Maybe Marcus Williams?So hard to say this early.

I hope small trade down but if not i think OT

I would love this scenario, I hope it happens but expect us to be stuck at #7