If you had to pick between taking Drew Sanders or Jack Campbell, who would you take? *Poll*

Gimmie Jack all day (I prefer scotch, but so long as it gets the job done). Oh, and Jack Campbell, too.

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Apparently somebody does not know the difference between an edge and an off ball LB. There were only 2 true off ball LBs selected in the first 2 rounds last year. You said there were 5. Quay Walker and Devin Lloyd were the only 2 selected. Others like Drake Jackson may be listed as LBs but they are what some of us call edge players. Campbell is a true off ball LB. Sanders in his career has taken.715 snaps as an off ball LB and 426 snaps as an edge. Consider him whatever you want but I see him more as an edge.

Anzalone had 21 total quarterback pressures, it was fourth most among all linebackers in the nfl last year, so yea we are blitzing quite a bit.

Apparently somebody tried to change the rules and I didn’t. I never said “off ball” LB’s, I said LB’s period. You have comprehension issue’s. Mentioning guys like McDonald and Young…what position did they make All Conference from? Neither of those guys is an “off ball” LB in any case.


An edge is a general term used to describe outside pass rushers. Some teams the edge is an outside LB while that same edge player on another team is a DE.

Barnes!!! How dare you not include him!



I see, so BECAUSE they might play LB on a different team they should be counted as a LB? OK I’m done.

Lol, I actually wouldn’t count him out. Have a four way battle for the top three spots.

He’s training with Anzalone in the offseason! Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, haha

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my choice of LBs in order would be

Trenton Simpson…Jack Campbell… Daiyan Henley… Drew Sanders

The reason I am not fan of Sanders is his size at that height an weight his legs have to be like tooth picks an I don’t think he lasts for 17 games as a pro.

If we can get Simpson or Henley in the second, total success in my opinion.

If both Campbell and Sanders were there…I’d pick Trenton Simpson.
If he’s there at 18, I think he’s the pick (and we won’t be considering any other LBs)