If you have been a Lions' fan long enough,

You have a general feeling on Sunday how the game will go. I tuned in and got that feeling on the very first play when the kicker ended up on the seat of his pants.
Then, ten sacks. Ugh. Decker and Lang hurt. The announcers grilling the Lions front office over Tate.

I know what your saying the team looked off from the first drive. I think we lack top end talent. We’ve lost guys like Ebron, Suh, CJ, Ngata and Tate. Those aren’t easy pieces to replace. Well except Ebron.

On top of that Ziggy can’t stay healthy.

Think about this… who on this team might make the probowl this year?

Damon Harrison?

Darius Slay

Harrison maybe but I doubt Slay does. He’s having an off year.

Point being there’s not a lock on this team.

Don’t you have to play like a pro to go the pro bowl?

I think Slay makes it.

He’s made enough plays and no corner is really out shining him. It’s a reputation thing so I think he makes it.

Kerryon has an outside chance too if we learn how to block again

Slay has been good yes, but he just hasn’t been himself since the headshot he took in the 9ers game. I agree that no other CB has been as productive, but his timing just seems off of late. I really can’t explain why. Love the guy nonetheless.

If Slay gets in I think its on reputation only.I honestly don’t think he deserves it this year.

Eh, the Pro Bowl is a joke. Just a popularity contest for the fans.

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