If you were Bevell what would you change first?

For me i’d Get rid of the two gap scheme on our defensive line. I’d make them a one gap and have them try and penetrate upfield as much as the can. Especially with Shelton on IR. I think that plays more to the strengths of Williams and hand on the interior. Our linebackers don’t make plays anyway
Maybe we can get a few out of our dline this way. We really can’t be much worse than we already are with our current system.


I suspect he’s going to let Undlin do whatever Undlin wants to do on defense.


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State to the team that I’m a lame duck coach and you’re all auditioning for a place in this league.

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This is tough for me bc I don’t know how much autonomy he had on O. It wouldn’t shock me if MP with his ego, Intelligence and background as an OL coach was putting more input into what kind of O we had this year. Not sure though.

But here are two things I’d like to see on offense:

1:) more passes as runs on first down. Primarily Hock and Swift behind the line of scrimmage. Cephus would be solid in this regard as well as is DA.

2:) move Hock around a lot more (Split him way out wide, line him up in the backfield, H-Back, etc) and then make him a top 3-4 usage TE


Honest question - is it that easy to switch from a 2 gap to 1 gap, not only for DL but the LBs and their assignments as well as the rest of the D? Is that a quicker adjustment or does it require a whole season’s worth of prep?

I don’t know schematics like that so found your answer to be very insightful, so just looking for more insight!

Let’s have some FUN!!!

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Balls to the walll… pull out all the stops… unleash everyone!!!

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Well, now it will make more sense when there’s a headline about the “breakthrough” that Tavai had in practice.

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Finally, the bungee cords are off Tavai! Go get 'em tiger!

it’s too late to change the bulk of the defense but you can definitely add new elements. Most of these guys on the defensive line have played in a one gap scheme. It’s actually easier since you don’t have to worry about controlling the offensive lineman. It will take away our linebackers ability to freelance but our linebackers suck so that’s no big deal. It would allow our line to fire off and penetrate into the backfield. That may even help the pass rush. Williams and hand can use their athletic abilities more instead of trying to protect two gaps and having to read run or pass.


I’m ok with that. Maybe undlin is a good coordinator and maybe he’s not, but he should have the chance to prove it. Not taking a bad wrap because he was stuck doing what Patricia wanted.

Or how much Undlin had on D. So I won’t suggest what Coach Bevell should do first. But after the Bears game…

To be honest this has about as much potential to dramatically change the quality of play as anything else. If the guys suddenly play with spirit and passion that can really have a dramatic effect.

Agree and here another point I thought about last night…

In the military you learn to play words… responds to questions from leadership to balance the truth and covering your ass in the process - just a reality.

When the coaches were asked about changing scheme this week, they said no… and that correct imo. They already have shown scheme for zone as man to man… shown the ability to design in blitz package so scheme is not changing…

As you alluded to, calling the play will (maybe hopefully!) … so the coaches are not lying but not telling the whole truth either to keep the Bears unaware…

Not scheme changes: just what they play and when!

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The changes I would make would be more situational specific. Jarrad Davis would be my new Waterboy. Go get that QB and here’s a picture of BQ for tackling fuel. I’d be using big John Penisini to do some directional crashing to free up some interior penetration holes to bring the pain and pressure.

I’d be doing some overloads on offense, pairing Marvin Jones and Hall on one side and put them on some fly routes to clear things out, and using optional TE motion based on the defensive read with the ability to option from an out, to a shallow cross, to a run block. Have Golladay on isolation on the other side with tree options. Then rotate the RBs . That would be my new base, with a higher percentage of downfield shots to Jones and Hall, more screens, and more cowbell, definitely more cowbell.

I’d sit down with the guys and remind them of the number of times they were up by double digits this year. I would, as hc, promise them to keep my foot on the gas when we have other teams by the throats. I’d look them right in the eye and tell them we’re going to run the table, and it all starts this week against the Bears. I’d tell them we’re going to play like every game is our last, and if there’s going to be changes after the season, we’re going to make sure that no one forgets that for 5 games, the 2020 Detroit Lions reigned hell!

And definitely more cowbell.

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What about the “multiple,” “hybrid,” “versatile” scheme and players we have?? It should be absolute cake to just do “more” of something and “less” of another. Look at our front seven personnel. We have 250lb LB’s and 230lb LB’s. We have J Okwara who can line up at SAM off the ball or on the LOS as a light EDGE player. We have Williams and Hand that in our heavy packages play 5t, but both can also move inside and we can run a more traditional 4-3 which is what Undlin’s Eagles ran under Schwartz.

We could literally go like this: LDE R Okwara, LDT Hand, RDT Williams, RDE J Okwara. Then behind them run SAM Collins, MLB Davis, WLB JRM. Poof traditional 4-3 Defense with OLB’s that can rush and cover with speed and range, interior DT’s who can penetrate (theoretically) and DE’s that can rush off the edge with speed.


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I would try winning