If you were MP, what have you learned after 3 games?

I remember MP saying that the season is broken down into quarters. 90% of lions fans thought we would be under .500 after our first quarter but that’s not the case. We’ve played ugly at times but we’ve played great when it counted. I hate how close all our games are but it’s a long season and being where we are at this point is a pleasant surprise.

Bevel is 10x better than cooter but I’m hoping he realizes that putting the ball in Matt’s hands gives us the best chance to succeed. I hate to see the run run pass strategy late in the game. Even with that strategy Philly had 2 drives to win the game!!! Why not pass and go for the first down which would have ended the game right there.

Otherwise I’d like to see more pressure on the opposing QB but MP knows a lot more than me about defense.


I was super excited to become more of a run focused team this year. We just don’t have it yet. So I agree, at this point, keep passing it. You are right, that is why these wins are becoming so close.There is always next year that we can improve the run game so we can close out these games better.

you cannot burn downs running right at the teeth of the defense until it’s 3rd and 10 + all the damn time and when the 1 pass doesn’t pan out…your handing the ball over. run on first downs and mix in a throw here and there don’t be predictable.
Bevell is like : run , run , run, pass. 75% of the time. reminds me of Cooter.

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I liked that WR screen to the right side the Eagles ran for the TD. It looked momentarily like an illegal pick play, but ref stated that the blocker was not 3 yards past the line of scrimmage, so no illegal pick.
I hope we learned from that and incorporate that play into our play book.


I hope Patricia gets this defense ready for a tough KC game, got to play twice better this next game.

That would be called on us everyday, and twice on Sunday!

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As soon as they explained what happened and gave them the TD, I immediately thought if I was a coach I’d put that play in my F-U bag of plays. Run the same thing, knock the every loving chit out of the DB, and force the refs to call something. Then raise holy hell if they don’t let it slide. Hell, I would have given some serious consideration to drawing the same play up in the dirt and running it on the next series against them.


It was a penalty, but it was not an illegal pick. He was blocking downfield as he didn’t run into the defender, he actually put his hands out to block him. The play of picking like this near the goal line is a tough one to defend when run well.

But he was a WR, he has a right to be downfield

If Im MP, Ive leared that while my team has not even scratched the surface of playing well for 60 minutes, they do play their ass off for 60 minutes. That even with mistakes and penalties, they’ve won 2 games against playoff teams and one on the road in a very hostile environment.

I think the biggest concerns right now have to be the Dline, and why we are not getting anywhere close to the run defense and pass rush we did even with last years depleted defense. The secondary has done a whale of a job and won the day today.

2nd biggest concern is the lack of a running game. I do understand Philly has a sick run defense. Im not just basing it on that. However, there’s too many times where Kerryon is dodging 2 guys before hitting the LOS. That can’t continue to happen if this team wants to make noise.

Im hoping Slay’s hammy is fine, because its going to be tested heavily in 7 days. If Im Quinn, I do enquire about Ramsey, but my top request for help would actually be to get some offensive line help. We just aren’t talented enough there

what I’ve learned is to stop playing prevent offense. Good lord this game would have been in the bag the FIRST series after we got the ball back on downs.

that last play should have been a TD for philly. the WR just dropped it. They should have never had the ball back.


Yeah, don’t do that run, run, pass thing when you have a chance to ice the game.
Other than that his game plans have produced wins.

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How was it a penalty?

Yes…can’t emphasize that enough. At the very least, rotate some other guys as the front 3 that are not gassed.

What did I learn? Well, there’s a lot of work left to do.

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The thing is that almost every team in the NFL will have more run plays then pass plays when they have the lead in the 4th Qtr. Now I will agree that the Lions should have ran a play action to keep the Eagles honest, much like they did against the Chargers.

This was my thought. If I were MP, the big lesson I would have learned is to stop clenching my sphincter the moment we have a lead.

It is not an illegal pick inside of one yard, but you can get called for blocking downfield before the pass is thrown. You usually see this on screen plays, but it happens on these plays as well.

The problem is he wasn’t really “downfield.” That’s what made it such a frustrating play. It sucked to watch but I can’t come up with a version of the rules to side against how the refs ruled it, even when I’m trying to put my honolulu blue glasses on. If Wentz threw the ball slightly downfield, all bets would be off then.

As a side note I remember during the Packers best years, they were allowed to block 5-8 yards downfield. They’d line receivers up to the same. Then 1 or 2 of the receivers would simply go out and frickin block the corners 5-8 yards downfield. The other receiver would run a little stop route right behind it at 4-6 yards. The league finally figured that one out and they stopped running it.

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