IFFY or Iffy not worth a spot on the roster (long term)

Wasnt a fan of the pick. Little bummed that the Stafford trade has gotten us almost nothing so far outside of Goff. Fortunately i was probably the only one here who woukd have been ok with a Stafford for Goff trade straight up.

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i don’t like iffy

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He is one of the toughest nuts to crack on the entire roster. Drafted to play CB and definitely had some nice moments there as a rookie when he wasn’t injured.

This past year I’m not sure if I can recall any impact plays in his new position. I’m not writing him off yet, but he’s not far above Levi in whatever we can get from him is a bonus.


Goff, Jamo, Iffy and #6 is a good haul for Stafford.

I didn’t like Iffy pick either, because his brother was soft. Like why not draft TJ Watt ya know. Or Asante Samuel.

BUT…if we drafting Iffy even though his big bro wasn’t very good round 3 lead us to draft SAINT BREEZY round 4 even though his bro wasn’t very good…

Then I’m cool with it.

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Interesting you bring that up…his brother played in a total of 7 games in the nfl despite being a 2nd round pick because of…wait for it…

Always being on injured reserve.

Being made of glass seems to run in the family.


Dan’s comment of him having all the tools but needs more aggressiveness? Does that sound like a certain CB being mocked to us at #6 overall

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I like IFFY as a person, but I don’t know that he is a solid player, and if your not that leaves an area of weakness. don’t know if he can be counted on.

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The guy hasn’t exactly been an abacus so far, eh?

Fast Food GIF by A&W Restaurants

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I still think they view him as the matchup guy that you put on TEs. You saw that a little bit vs Chicago.

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exactly. I was never a fan of his move to safety. It is confusing the young kid for better or worse. IN an interview after the switch - he said all the right things – “I’ll play where they need me, etc.”, but you could tell he was uncomfortable with the switch. Now I’m not saying everyone should get to play where they want, but Iffy didn’t really get enough reps at CB to show what he could do.
I digress, but move Okudah to safety!

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not this far-eh.

I think this, and jamo, and Levi, are why they are doubling down on drafting dawgs this year. And why i think Nolan Smith is in play at 18.