Iggy, thought you’d like this clip on Ruggs

In a nutshell, Ruggs is more athletically gifted then lamb and Juedy and it isn’t close.

the clip is worth watching.


What difference does it make who Pad Statford throws to, it will only be in garbage time and will not translate into wins on the field?
Just anticipating what the Stafford haters are going to say.


That would only be viable in a double trade down scenario. I don’t see Quinn doing that though.


to be clear, i am not advocating that we take Ruggs. I wanted to share a clip supporting someone from our board.

I love Ruggs !! He is one of my favorites in this draft !!


I like Ruggs , speed , speed and more speed . Play making ability to take any pass to the house.
How he is an Elite Receiver… I do not see. That video shows you how Ruggs is not a great route runner , how Ruggs lets balls get into his chest, how he is not a natural hands catcher …
Watch it again or any tape on Ruggs and he constantly lets balls get into his chest (a body catcher) this with the velocity that Stafford throws with is not ideal and body catchers are not Elite . Give me Lamb or Jeudy over Ruggs as a complete WR prospect and not one that is lightning fast with good skills .


Meh, all these PFF rankings are great…but they aren’t always against the opposing teams #1 CB, Jeudy got that and still out-performed.
The only thing Ruggs has got going for him is speed, think Tavon Austin more than DeSean Jackson.

Plus Jeff Risdon likes him, so that should turn Iggy off.

Jeff Risdon

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A durable Will Fuller that can actually catch. Sign me up, please

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i saw this and i wanted to post it but i wasn’t trying to trigger the board. :joy:

Will Fuller is really fast but Ruggs has even another fear than that?

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Ruggs does pretty much everything well. He actually has good hands and He doesn’t drop many. He is a freak athlete, plays well away from the ball and is tough as nails. He’s a game breaker AND he’s still fairly new to football. Such a high ceiling and is not some one trick pony like some are trying to make him out to be. He is Tyreek Hill 2.0 and should be the #1 WR off the board.


I like Ruggs nobody is painting him anything …He is not a hands catcher . He does not run crisp routes . Not a tenacious blocker…

He is dynamic and a play maker with incredible speed …Would love to have him . Would fit in nicely here .

Okudah is an Elite prospect … With Elite Traits . A complete product . You brought up Okudah

Who at 6’1 is 2 inches taller and being 18 lbs heavier then Ruggs ran a 4.48 while out broad jumping Ruggs by 4 inches and nearly matching his vertical by 1 inch…Okudah is every bit the athlete Ruggs is …

Thing is — none of the “experts” agree with you
Usually, when EVERYBODY says you’re wrong …

Maybe we’ll get lucky and get him at the top of the second

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Dreaming for a tade with Miami that gets us 5 and 18…Then my dream picks would be Simmons at 5 and Ruggs at 18 but Ruggs won’t last that long…

Not every fast WR is “Tyreek Hill 2.0”.

Hill has a RB’s body and is more like Chris Johnson 2.0 that can catch like a WR. He was considered an “athlete” when he was recruited.

Ruggs is a WR in a WR’s body. Nobody is going to line Ruggs up in the backfield.

There’s a reason Ruggs didn’t do the Bench Press or any of the agility drills.

I hope he becomes a decent NFL player but I just don’t ever see him being a #1 WR in the NFL. Do you really want to burn a top 10 pick on #2 WR?

NYL is right, Ruggs isn’t a hand-catcher and he does let the ball get to his body too much.

If NYL is wrong on everything, then Ruggs isn’t dynamic and isn’t a play-maker!?!?!

Keep the hits coming, Iggy! LOL

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Genius perception Iggy …

You reply with this ???

How does this response translate to me questioning him running crisp routes…? He is not a hands catcher …are you saying he is? Are you saying he is an elite route runner ? That he is a great run blocker as a WR ? Are my measurements off ? Testing numbers wrong ? Would love to know point by point how I’m wrong ?
As Snags has said …is he not a play maker with incredible speed ?

Iggy attempt to validate … I’m wrong

Iggy validate your take …explain yourself…


I really don’t understand why people can’t just disagree and move on. Why does it have to go to the point of the other person doesn’t know anything about what they are talking about and they are ignorant?

There is literally nothing in @NewYorkLion’s post that is inflammatory or aggressive. He even says he likes the kid…just not over lamb and Juedy.


Jeudy seems more NFL ready. He looks ready to roll today.