I'll take what is Trey flowers worth for 90 million, Alex




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Who was the ass who told me I was dead wrong about this signing? I knew it was bad from the get go.

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In the legendary words of @Weaselpuppy, Flowers is “Ishtar bad.”

What a waste.

Give me 73 year old Ziggy with his walker instead.


Ishtar was so terrible that I can’t even enjoy watching Rain Man anymore.

Did you know there is actually a piece of the Ishtar gate from Babylon in the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum in Midtown? It’s really rather impressive, and actually that Art Museum is one of the best five in the country and probably the second best I’ve seen behind Chicago and in front of Boston and the Guggenheim and the MoMA in New York

going to the DIA is by far a better use of your time than watching the Lions on Sundays

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I said from the start WWBD? What would Belichick do?

Answer: NOT sign Trey Flowers for $90M or nothing even close to that. He was a product of the system in NE.

Not arguing about Flowers, but I want to lay some blame for our defensive right on Snacks and Slay for their hold out from the git go.
Our paper Lions ferocious defensive line never materialized and Snacks not being there and then coming in out of shape started the snowball rolling.
Slay got beat like a drum the first week, but made one big play at the end to save face.
Then he had an injury.
Snacks out of shape, Flowers, Daniels, injured out of shape.
Flowers, Daniels, Snacks, and Hand on the line. Plus Slay being limited.
They can’t stop good offenses with that crap happening.


Hell yes, spot on buddy.

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Slay big play was the 2nd week not the 1st week.

Also there is no corner in the NFL that can shut down a good receiver when the quarterback has all day to throw.

This defense is atrocious at pass rush and that doesn’t have anything to do with Slay or Snacks.

Depending a 30+ year old player to anchor your dline is poor resource management

But Matty p was a defense coach for NE. How can we be this bad?

You can’t leave them blameless.

Snacks turns 31 next month.

I’m not blaming him for getting old.

They didn’t miss training camp.

If you think them not going to 3 day workouts 4 months before the season started has something to do with why our scheme sucks then I don’t know what to tell you.

You are looking to place blame and I get it but they ain’t the problem.

Did we get hosed and they sent us Erick Flowers?


Disappointing thus far. I think the Lions defense lacks elite talent on the Dline. MP can only scheme so much with mediocre players.

The D line doesn’t lack talent, it lacks players period, there is no one to rotate. We have 4 DL and and 1 rookie trying to play 4 QTs. And this is all on patricia and quinn. Choosing to keep only 7 d limeman with 2 hurt already Killed this season. And patricia’s defense is a bend and eventually break.

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It’s true they are lacking depth thus far. There’s got to be a reason the Giants got rid of Snacks and GB releasing Mike Daniels. They’ve under performed thus far imo. Ex Giants Okwara and Kennard were also let go by the Giants.

I love the secondary but the Dline is not generating enough pressure. The Lions has to get better in the trenches next offseason.

I think we over paid for Flowers but he brings a lot of versatility to our DL. The injuries at DT and lack of depth across the line is a big problem for us.

On offense Decker is average and making a lot of penalties. He has me missing RR.

Name two plays that flowers has done this year that made a difference. Besides the two flags