I'm baaack!

Finally found where you Guys ran off to avoid me.



Maybe you don’t care, but your real name is connected to your handle and viewable. Just want to make sure you didn’t make it viewable by mistake when signing up.

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Just in time for the super bowl. Well, almost.

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I couldn’t be happier. This made my night.

Good to read ya, Nate. Glad to see Spikes’ statement at the top. Thanks for the warm welcome every buddy !

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good who are ya??

Welcome back bud! We Lions fans are tuff people.

Hope all is good in the sphere!

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great to have you back brother!

Welcome back!


See, Nate. I told you you should have hid it better!
Welcome to the new/old Den.

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Wow ! This place is like a time capsule with the old posters still hangin’ out ! For what it is worth, I believe the Lions lack of success is not do to players, coaches, general managers, or owners. Recent events have brought to my mind a new theory, namely, that it is due to a long lived virus. 65 years worth. The team catches it as soon as they walk into the facility ! Prove me wrong !


Glad you’re home now where is BigWillieStyles?

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