'I'm Damn Good Too': David Montgomery Is Still Grinding


I said it many times before DMont is so under appreciated it’s crazy. He looks like a top 5 RB to me. I was most impressed with him out of all the players, and part of that is also I didn’t expect him to be that good.

It’s an entire team effort, but If I was forced to pick one player who was the MVP is Montgomery. If they made it to the SB and won, all my money is that he would win MVP. This team wouldn’t have won anything without him.


Monty runs hard…real hard.

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Shout out DMONT


I love Swaggy and he helped build the new culture here under DC, but Monty is a major upgrade at every level. There are teams kicking themselves for not outbidding Detroit for his services last offseason.


Love DMont. He brings more than Swaggy did. He’s a great tandem runner. Im not sure I’d put him at MVP though.


I’m going to go the other direction here on Monty.

He has top 5 talent and heart. The production was inconsistent and not indicative of a game changer yet…

I can’t tell if it’s because we spread the ball and were trying to save him snaps. We have a lot of weapons. He made key plays including that 3rd down in the playoffs where he made a guy miss and got 11 yards for the 1st

Watching a lot of Adrian Petersen and Marshawn Lynch, they could absolutely take over a game regularly. It felt like we had the lead and could have leaned on him to run our way to victory. Instead we were doing things like have Goff throw on 3rd and 4th down to St. Brown, LaPorta or even J. Reynolds.

Maybe this is where Dan/Ben have more confidence in Goff/St.Brown, but it feels like Monty is a very nice piece of a great and balanced offense, instead of a take over a game RB.


In crucial 3rd and 4th down short yardage situations teams would usually stack the box.
Teams didn’t respect Goff and especially the receivers so Ben would take what they gave him. Single coverage on ARSB is easy money.
Later in the season and playoffs opponents started to double ARSB and LaPorta, but would still stack the box to stop the run. They feared the O-Line and RB’s more than the receivers. Hopefully year 3 Jamo will add some firepower to receiving unit to keep Safeties out of the running game.


I expect Dmont to get the very first carry of the year! C’mon now!!!
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always liked Monty, thought he was a steal however, I do like the pair of Jamo & Gibbs they also make good accents to this team.


I freaking love Monty


DMont is going to smash some souls this year.

I foresee him getting a lot of carries late in games with the lead. Defenses will know what’s coming, try to stop it, and Monty will still get it done.

I see this being a hardhat-and-lunchpail year for him. 100% Detroit. He and this OL are going to break the spirits of many a DC.


This seems like the perfect role for Craig Reynolds. Would also keep Dmont fresh through the playoffs.


I watched him break records at Iowa State and knew he could be much better than what he showed with his time with the Bears. At Iowa State he blew the record for missed tackles away.

Rank Season Player School Missed Tackles
1 2017 David Montgomery ISU 101
2 2016 Dalvin Cook FSU 89
T-3 2015 Leonard Fournette LSU 88
T-3 2016 Kareem Hunt TOL 88
5 2016 James Butler NEV 87
6 2014 James Conner PITT 85
T-7 2015 Paul Perkins UCLA 82
T-7 2016 I’Tavious Mathers MTSU 82
9 2015 Royce Freeman ORE 81
10 2015 Donnel Pumphrey SDSU 79

Brad struck gold again when he signed Monty. Perfect teammate for Gibbs. The way he talks about helping Gibbs to be better is genuine and you can see it in games when they get on the sidelines together. He gets some nice chunk runs too. Defenses don’t get a break when he’s in there.


Indeed–Ben Johnson knew what he was talking about when he said the RBs in 2022 left a lot of yards out on the field.


The new guy… Vaki.

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I love this acquisition before he ever took a snap with us. He has been HUGE in Gibby’s development. He absolutely was Gibby’s big brother for awhile there…& it was needed.

Monty is a great leader for this squad.


I’m not talking about garbage time, I’m talking about picking up first downs and stringing together long drives when the other team is trying their damndest to stop him.

I like Netflix and Vaki, but they don’t have the same skill level to grind out first downs when the other team knows we’re going to be running. Monty is going to be the guy who’s still productive running into 8-man boxes.