'I'm Damn Good Too': David Montgomery Is Still Grinding

He is a huge part of this offense, and we are lucky to have been able to land him.
He’s the “Thunder” to Gibbs “Lightning”.


And Vaki is going to be the fire…

Beavis And Butthead Comedy GIF by Paramount+


Then, they must be taught otherwise.
Don’t sleep on our receiving corps, but, don’t stop fearing our RB’s.
I can easily see us dressing 4 RB’s on game day. Monty, Gibbs, Reynolds, and Vaki.
We’re going to blur the lines, and rewrite the book on what RB’s and WR’s are.

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We have a lot of talent on offense so Monty gets lost in the conversation. The reality is Monty is the tone setter for our whole offense.