I am sad to see the talent leave, but ultimately it was the right move to trade Slay here’s why. Slay as you know is a very outspoken person and a respected veteran in the locker room. Slay might have turned into a locker room “cancer” in the eyes of management. It’s not good business to have arguably your best player not like playing for the club, as other players i.e rookies will follow suit.
I feel like now the coaches have a chance to get new leadership and fully install their vision in the eyes of the players without a high caliber veteran disagreeing with coaching staff. I hope Slay continues to have a fantastic career and remember lions fans Slay was not god like he thinks he is, he had flaws.
I look forward to seeing who steps up in the locker room and takes a leadership role other than Davis.


I feel like this was more about money to Slay, he did not want to be here. I feel like if we paid him, he would have just played sub-par in a city that he did not want to play in anymore. I want players that are motivated and excited to play for us. I feel like since Slay did not like the coaching change from the start(personally because I think he was pushed harder at practices as opposed to Caldwell), he constantly rebelled against coaching staff behind closed doors with players in personal convos. The coaching staff has a chance to reset the locker room and that will be a positive.


I’m here and you’re there, but I will hear you out.


I’m fine with it. The finger wagging every play that he doesn’t get burnt on is stupid (but I know they all do it now). He got burnt big time at least once a game. I don’t see that getting better for him moving forward.

Best of luck, but time to move on.

I’m fine with it as well as Slay is vastly overrated and gonna be 30 with huge $$$ coming his way!


Who are these magical corners who don’t ever give up a play with no pass rush?


Almost every cornerback in the league worth a damn.


All of them give up plays even the ones with good pass rushes in front of them.


Wow, nearly 17 mill a year. So, we got a CB that is the same age, same level of play for 10 mill a year, 3rd and 5th round picks and is going to come in with a positive attitude. I’ll take it.


So what…doesn’t make what i said untrue…move on son.

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2 of the last 4 seasons that corner we got missed half the season including the most recent one and technically he’s older than Slay.

Trufant is in no way a replacement for Slay. But if Slay was to be gone, might as well be gone. They need to fix the front line before it makes sense to have any reasonable backfield.


I believe that Trufant was picked up to replace Slay and more importantly mentor our new draft pick Okudah. I think that he will be our draft pick

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ANY PERSON WITH A FUNCTIONING BRAIN KNEW THE LIONS WERE MOVING ON FROM SLAY AFTER HIS WHINING LAST YEAR. Everybody not brain dead. That means before one snap last year, we all knew this trade was going to happen. Some people may have held out hope but it was going to happen.
Every team in the league knew it. So from what possible crevasse would you drag the notion
Quinn did anything wrong in this trade. Slay drove the price down because he’s a d—. He obviously was a source of rancor and the Lions weren’t going to reward him for it. Good luck to him and good riddance. Addition by subtraction. Better lockerroom. Bye.


His age and contract demands drove his trade value down.

I agree with this. I don’t think the Lions even got anything close to this offer last October, otherwise they would have pulled the trigger. I could be wrong.

Had they traded him last season, they might have gotten a 2d Rd pick, but the original reported asking price this year was a 1st Rd pick, so one must assume that’s at least what they were asking for at the trade deadline last year.

i don’t buy it, why wouldn’t they pull that trigger then (as in last trade deadline).

Perhaps. I think they asked for a 1st because they knew it was not going to happen and we needed him on our #$$%^$ defense so we did not completely implode. If someone offered a 1st for him last year I think they would have traded him. With all that being said our haul for him is not terrible.

Ironic. Slay made numerous big plays and was a good CB ~here~ for years on end. yet because he got tired of our losing asses AND had something to say about it LIKE each and every one of us? well then he’s just a malcontent pos CB & good riddance. we have had one of the shittiest franchises there is in the NFL yet we act like we’re the 10th best team in the NFL and just too good for the likes of Slay… only in Detroit. yeah he was going to be moved, but don’t act like he’s just a worthless @$$^073.

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Here’s why I’m glad he’s gone:
#1. OCD - I’d rather know what his situation is, even gone, than deal with the anticipation of knowing what the plan for him is.

#2. Twitter - I get to un-follow him, thereby eliminating all of his stupid tweets and retweets around money and his troll buddy Quandre. I don’t know if the 3 of them were a headache to the team, but I do know they’ve worn on me as a fan. It’s finally over, the 3 of them (including Snacks). They each provided clarity to the situation last night, admitting to the world that they requested a departure from Detroit. Bye, Feliciah!