I'm new to the board

I’ve been here maybe 2 weeks.
But it seems to me that if you disagree with anything the NewYork Lions guy and a few other guys say, they simply call you an idiot or some other name. Too bad, because it really stifles any sort of meaningful conversation on this board. I think their real life must be really unsatisfying and I feel pity for them.
No one enjoys coming to a board, stating something, and then have an overbearing Mr. Know It All act all condescending like their opinion is the only one that could possibly be right.
Too bad because there seems to be some good fans on here, but when it is littered with obnoxious know it alls, it really isn’t even enjoyable exchanging ideas or thoughts.
Good luck to all the nice people on here.


Welcome to the board…or bored if you will.

You’ll have to excuse the bad attitudes unfortunately.

After all we are all Lions fans!

Do you know about the “ignore” option? Don’t let a few folks scare you away. Just ignore them for a while or forever. simple. You’ll find it by going to >preferences (gear icon)>users

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welcome to the board, I’ll start by saying that Lions fans have been through an epic ton of grief and frustration over the past 60 years. they are "mostly all very good posters who are quite knowledgeable about football but the attitudes come in play when trying to explain why things Detroit Lions , have all gone South. often called (excuses) not reasons here but hey. there is also confrontation on how to best “fix” the ongoing issues with the team, which leads to arguing.

Not too often posters ‘hate’ eachother. It’s mostly difference of opinion. this is normal. but we are all Lions fans and die-hards, those that are still here…so try to enjoy yourself and don’t take things too personal.

I’ve been called a idiot tons of times. Just ignore them, most hear don’t insult people.

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Yeah, just like everything else in life, you have to learn to take the good with the bad. The same goes for this board, there are some egos and some people who like to resort to name calling. I challenge you to find a board without some name-callers or some inflated egos.
Hopefully you stick around.

We could really use more smart asses.

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This is probably the same person pushing out the espnbaby rubbish.

An alias in our midst?

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Welcome. I don’t comment much myself but have been visiting the site for a few years. There are some individuals that seem to get really pissed off because these Lions of ours draft, sign, hire, keep, let go or do anything that they don’t agree with. The are constantly raking someone over the coals. It really blows my mind. But on the other hand, as mentioned before, there are some very knowledgeable and intelligent posters also. You just have to take each one for what they are.

Welcome to the community! Like the rest said, youll get bad posters anywhere. Id just ignore them. The good posters (while you may not always agree with them and vice versa) are worth continuing to come back. You can disagree with someone and still respect them. I hope it doesnt discourage you or anyone else from come back and post.

Welcome to the board and what everyone has said is BS.



Good thing VLG didn’t migrate over here then :joy:

I’ve found respectful open conversation can usually happen unless the topic is Stafford


Hahahahahha This nonsense above is pathetic . You create a topic and call me out by name and make claims that are just not true ….not about me anyway .
I’ve had one exchange with you (see thread linked below)

I’m discussing Burrows and Herbert with CuriousHusker post #39 in this thread below Before we just gloss over the idea of Tua to the Lions at 3

You Lions2020 respond with this

Which would fall under a condescending , smartass response stating the obvious, in a sarcastic way. Especially when you chime in and add nothing to the debate on Herbert or Burrows.
I responded to the quoted comment above with this

According to you in this topic you started I called you an idiot or another bad name ??? Really ? Quote it . Even in my response to you, calling you Captain Obvious… I went above and beyond to explain myself. And you respond with this

Spare me and the rest of this community with this nonsense thread , you throw darts which is fine (As seen above ) but when they are returned, you cry and whine and start a thread about being attacked ……Move along and find a safe place or prove your (FALSE) allegations .
I have less drama with 2 teenage girls at home in my house then with this nonsense thread.

“Welcome” would have been easier to type. But then again, he did call you out.

Mods :+1::-1:


Hahahaha the guy has posted like 80 times already and joined 6 days ago ……Welcome was not my intention in my response and this what not a thread he started to introduce himself . If it was ….it’s sad

Yessir. Troll.

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I miss VLG and our pissing matches :slightly_frowning_face: I Wish he would come over.