I'm seeing trends in the players we have thus far, are you?

In FA and Draft through 3 rounds, we select guys and sign guys with a trend of “how much” have you done for me lately.

Versatility AND recent peak production. All our draft picks thus far had their best years most recently. All can work out of multiple positions.

With FA signings, maybe excluding Chark, similar trends IMO. In both cases, we aren’t rewarding guys based on what they did 2-3 years ago or in short bursts or projecting too much. Thinking of Stingley Jr., Walker at 1OA, etc.

I think this is a smart overall strategy to building a competitive roster.


Completely agree. The guys are building a “team”. Not a collection of individuals worried about their paycheck or taking plays off. Guys that will battle for each other in the trenches. These guys want players that are all in. Go back and look at the evaluation of players they have taken. All talk about them loving football, with high character—real “team” guys.

Our draft picks have been all power 5 players with decently high to really high RAS ratings.


Not only that, but:

–Character guys who fit the locker room
–High RAS guys
–Guys that analytics (PFF, etc.) rank at or near the top of their group


Yes. The Lions are overrating “character” just like losing organizations like the lions have been doing for years.

I am seeing a trend of swinging for the fences in the first round with high ceiling players (which is great and what we want). The later rounds they are not finding any value and reaching for players. They aren’t looking for unique talents after first round. They are looking for “high character” players IE low ceiling players. You will never win a championship this way.

Have they thought about calling you to get your opinion? I see a letter writing campaign in your future.


Was just going to say this. Power Five guys that are athletic with good advanced stats

What a peach this guy is

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I’m sorry- what is your major malfunction brother?

Josh Pachal was an ALL SEC- team captain who had a 9.47 RAS- same 10 yd as Thibz- paschal had 15 TFL to Thibz 12…. pascal had 5 sacks vs 7 despite having 25% less pass rush attempts.

Paschal had a 76 yard pick 6 at DE…

How is a 6’1” safety with 84” wingspan and 5 picks and great coverage grade a low ceiling guy?

You think Amon Ra St Brown was a reach? Low ceiling? I mean not many teams hit on later round picks, but I thought we did okay last year. Kind of a small sample size, no?


“Tracy the Troll” !! Love it!!

What is low ceiling about Paschal or Joseph?

Guys who are athletic and size length freaks with big production against top competition?

Is there a really fast 6’4” CB from southern San Antonio State you’d have preferred? Maybe a state high jump champion with 1 year of organized football, that we can coach up?

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Was wondering what all the fuss was going on in this thread until I realized I had steves blocked some time ago and wasn’t reading his “takes”…lol


Evidently the 6’1 238 LB with 4.5 speed and coming off 7.5 sacks (Barnes) was a low ceiling guy? Athletics and premium production from power 5? 29 bench reps.

How about a NT with college sacks and 4.9 speed, high 8.8 RAS power 5…

I guess 6’2 205 with 9.5 RAS and power 5 production at CB with sacks and ints?

St Brown- well this book is already written…. But 20 bench reps at WR, tireless worker, a guy who without a covid shortened JR season would have had back to back 1,000 yard 7-10 td season power 5.

J Pascahl - freak athlete and leader who played and excelled at DE, OLB and freaking DT- 15 tfl is huge and a top 5 run defender in the NCAA

K Jospeh was a vacuum out ther

All elite height, weight speed guys, all north of 7 RAS… ALL!!!

What would you like them to do as far as upside?

“High character, high effort” is what try hard guys with limited athleticism get labeled but as pointed out already they are drafting guys that are great athletes first. Holmes stated in his press conference after day 2 that they target guys that flash on film, then do extra digging on character and behavior, then that’s when they fall in love with guys. They don’t seek character first…

The draft is a crapshoot no matter what, but guys with high character and elite intangibles have a higher probability of hitting their ceiling. Random stat example: if the league has a 50/50 boom/bust rate, guys with higher character have a 60%+ rate of reaching their ceiling, while guys that have questionable character have less than 40% chance of reaching their potential. Football has a 100% injury rate, and you’d expect guys with high character will put in the work to recover where guys that don’t love the game just won’t work as hard which leads to a higher bust rate in the end. Bottom line, character ALWAYS matters.

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Stevestevens which team does it exactly right in your PROFESSIONAL opinion? They never miss on a draft pick? Right?

IF you give a doomsday decision on every player eventually you will be right! congrats!!!

LOL. Tell 'em, Godfather.

Our picks have been awesome in this draft. All high ceiling guys. That post blew my mind and gave me a huuuge smile. It’s so funny how ppl wanna see negative can always get’r’done. Funny how people can see the same things and have 180 takeaways from each other.

Baring injury, our new Kerby is gonna be a really nice piece. He reminds me of Iffy. I thin both will be really Nice pieces.

this thread came at a bad time for me to run out of likes. LOL

100%. All these seem like guys that would rather spend their time in the film room or working out trying to get better. Not worrying about their brand.

Exactly. If you need further proof go back and look at the Raiders drafts over the past several decades. Then tell me character doesn’t matter.