Imagine if

Stafford retired right before the season. Quinn/ Patricia would be given free passes for 5 years. You would have a built in excuse for 5 years.

Are the Colts making excuses? Is Frank Reich making excuses? No. They are leading the division with a 4-2 record and are looking extremely dangerous.

I can only imagine having a HC like Frank Reich. A guy with balls the size of grapefruits. A HC who can rally a team when they start 1-5 and then finish 10-6. A HC who always plays to win unlike 90% of the coaches in the league. A HC who has 2 Asian guys sitting in the booth helping with decisions. This coach knows all the percentages. He has a plan.

I pray one day we can Luck into getting a top HC like Frank Reich. Everyone left the Colts for dead… but this team is the only team in the AFC who can take out the Pats. The scariest thing in sports is a team who believes… and the Colts believe and they believe because of their HC.

I think the Colts have a ton of talent. They’ve hit big on a few recent picks as well. Talent hides a lot of flaws.

The Lions are losing in the trenches and BQ has rebuilt both. Personally I think the Lions are playing tough physical football but we have to start winning the battle at the LOS. Until then this team will continue to be streaky.

I’m certainly not putting any money on the Colts

Nobody left the Colts for dead. In fact I remember hearing for days after Luck retired, that they are still a playoff caliber team, so you made that up. Also, WTF is having Asian guys in a booth got to do with anything? Man, what a strange post.

OP now bitching about non-reality, zero facts, pure fabrication

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It’s his thing. I called him out on it last week and got locked out for a few days. I guess he’s untouchable. Whatevs.

Man, if you’re getting bans because your responding to my posts just stop responding to my posts. I have you on ignore, bro I don’t read what you write. Same with Redwing who responds to every single one of my posts. I don’t read you guys yet you respond to every one of my posts to the point of being banned. Yikes.

I’m happy with my bet on the Colts to win the division at 5-1 odds/

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Ig, you’re posting literally about nothing
There’s plenty to bitch about related to the Lions (again, like every freakin year)
Fabrications add zero

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The 2 Asian guys he’s referring to are the ones who run play by play analytics for the HC. i’ve mentioned this before, he using his gut feelings still but every move is calculated . What’s happens if this happens or doesn’t. He’s using #s more than any team in any sport. So far it’s working. He is the Billy Martin of football

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I’m all about using sabermetrics and whatnot. I just don’t understand why it matters that they are Asian.

Racist much? LOL.

And hey if you’ve got me on ignore it must be from the PTSD you got reading my responses to your hilariously silly posts and having your delusional faux expert status ridiculed.

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Iggore -> you’re doing it wrong and think you’re doing it right, just like everything else in life I suppose.

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Yeah totally don’t get the “asian” reference. Who cares if they are green or blue - what does their race have to do with anything?


It reminds me of when I here someone start a story about a black guy. Then by the end of the story I realize it had nothing to do with the story and I’m like “WTF?”


Colts are an example of how fast a rebuild can happen when you have the right GM and the right coach. This is the same franchise that traded multiple high draft picks for Trent Richardson a few years ago.

They made great picks at key positions, some good free agent signings, and the rest falls in place.

What “rebuild” are you talking about? One bad year doesn’t constitute a “rebuild.”

Is it just me or every time I look in the Den and see this thread I start singing Imagine from the Beatles?

Come on I know your all doing it too.

Yes, I definitely think of the song as well. However just a friendly fyi to pass on is that it was not the Beatles. It was John Lennon but it was released in 1971 after the Beatles had already broken up as a group. Showing my age again. LOL


Thanks for the correction. I knew that too but it’s always been hard for me to think of them broke up as a group.

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