IMHO Reynolds doesn't get cut and makes the team

He “could be” one of the tough cuts, but I don’t think so bc he showed so much guts , toughness, ability during the preseason in more than one game.


I watched the last preseason game very closely to look at possible fridge players, I didn’t see it from Reynolds at all.

Igwebuike over Reynolds in my book.


I think that is a almost a lock because of special teams ability.


Yea that’s what i was thinking watching yesterday

Reynolds will go on the PS. Which is not a bad outcome for a UDFA from a small school.


From my expert opinion (I watched most of 3 pre-season games & read some posts on this board. That makes me an expert, right?) I’d say Netflix might have a slight edge as a pure runner but Ig brings far more special teams value & versatility. Could even go back to S in an emergency situation.

Plus, the Big Guy upstairs (not Campbell, I mean waaaay upstairs) told Ig to play RB so who are we to argue?


Igwebuike for me too.

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You can never be too rich or have too many Nigerians on your football team…