In all seriousness

At this point given the roster…Should we do it?

We’d be 5 deep at DT (+ Benito) We’re 7 deep at Edge/SLB already


They are not that deep we need one an maybe a after draft cut for another. The Lions count same as Eagles Hutch Pascal Comish all would be part of a Eagle count those 3 are big men So we are at 6 now .
We will get one for sure in draft .

Two maybe, not 3.

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Eventually we’d just have an entire roster filled with DT’s! haha

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Just flip the extra’s to the OL, solves future cap and resigning issues.

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Only draft trenches, free agency 1 year prove it deals for every other position except QB. It just might work!

You know as much praise as Holmes as gotten he still hasn’t figured out this option, which is a little concerning. I’m thinking a two year consultancy contract for us, go over his head and make this happen! Let me know when it’s done.

In summary, our expert strategy is simple, if you aint pushing 300+ pounds, we aint drafting you!

Skinny dudes = Free Agency

Large fellas = Draft

QB’s = Anywhere, anytime, especially one to replace Goff who can’t win the super bowl

Just remember as part of the contract, you handle Canada from October to May first, I have the south. Rest of the year we can mix it up.

Like A Boss Car GIF

Dude it was so mild today we broke freezing. I saw this thing in the yard called grass, I almost fainted.

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That last one is really REALLY important, I think i read there are guarrantees about that. Again, concerning that Holmes wasn’t aware of those limitations after being around Goff from the day he was drafted.

More I think about this, we may need to make it a four year contract just to protect the Lions QB position from Holmes.

To hell with that, it was 27 degrees in GA this morning, I have a portable heater in the office and can’t count the layers of clothing I’m wearing right now.
Think it was Michigan.

I think we may be sitting is a place now, today, where we will draft a QB….

I still think Holmes is gunna trade for Lance at some point

You just want to feel this high annually.



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In total cerealness…


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