Inactives tonight

Wow, just saw the inactives…

Okudah, reynolds, and Jefferson all inactive.

Gonna see a heavy dose of JWill and Swift tonight

Armani playing instead of Okaduh could be a problem…


Okuduh being out is huge.


Yeah agreed… has he even played the last month or so?

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I don’t think we’ll miss Okudah


He has been struggling the last couple weeks but agree that sucks he’s out… gonna be a lot of jacobs, Hughes and Harris and the safeties.

We get Elliott back which is a big plus though

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I hope not.

It is almost devastating, I was counting on him being glued to Watson.
Makes one wonder about the LY’s injury acting up. ??

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With him getting benched last week it makes me think maybe it’s not so big an issue, then coupled with Elliott coming back I hope that balances it out…

We need some DBs in the off-season!!!


Amani is playing for his nfl life next year…. Okudah has dropped his pff grade 10 points of so in the last month.

He’s clearly not right. Kind of glad it’s a health issue and he didn’t just start sucking again. He has plenty of time to heal either way.


No way okudah sticks with Watson. Okudah just doesn’t have the speed and his PI prone issues would do more harm than good

Apparently it’s his elbow

No he won’t. He won’t get a half a dozen snaps (not counting special teams)

It’s Jemar Jefferson that is inactive . . . Justin Jefferson is active.


Oh hot dog good catch. I forgot about Justin. Jim Williams and swift have been our top 3 all year… only fitting they close out with them.

Why? Bc they can’t bench him.

I have no idea exactly what’s going on but El Jefe is clearly in the doghouse.

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From what I seen from the local beat writers, he was a late addition to the injury report at the end of the week. You could be right.

Justin Jackson……