Injuries kept secret? -Stafford

It’s interesting these guys play as the best option available even when hurt.
Stafford hand when lions lost the division down the stretch ? Could S Hill have pulled out a win ?

Now last season for Rams

I think people really don’t understand because he is such a private guy and somebody that would never complain or even ever let you know when he’s going through something,” Whitworth said. “Last year was a really, really tough year. It’s unfortunate he wasn’t on the ‘Quarterback’ series that just came out because it would’ve crazy for people to see just how intense his arm issues and things that were bothering him.”

Are they protecting the player ? Their reputation can take a hit by not playing through injury ( KG, Swift ) yet they can play and play worse too ( Stafford ? )

For a competitive edge, yet the drop off is that far that an injured starter is still better than his back up?

Is it player Ego? “I give us the best chance”

Is it selfishness? “I need to be out there for my team”

I think this is one of the toughest things with players (and kids). There is a fine line between playing through bumps and bruises and playing with a potentially chronic injury.

I think this is why there was so much shake up in the health and training staff on the lions. Decision making or communication were not there with the prior staff.

You need to know if an injury is something is just pain and will go away and something that is doing physical damage.

Sounds like Stafford is prideful towards playing no matter the conditions. Others like Swift may not be willing to play through pain that is not a progressive injury.

All you can do is look at the symptoms and the player history and try and figure out what the situation is.


Exactly this, because asking a prideful player if he’s “good to go” is really just asking to have someone lie to your face.


I don’t think it is “selfishness” for wanting to be there for my team" that is your responsibility–however, injuries happen. I don’t think there is any room for selfishness in the game. trying to play through injury, has two roads: road A- X player is tough , he’s trying to gut it out, he has no quit in him and so on. road B- X player is risking further injury OR the end to a career. fine line from being the tough hero ~~~~ to being stupid for being on the field .

With Stafford, you never know. He went back in the game with a separated shoulder and threw the winning TD pass.
Massive brass balls, the likes of which we may never see, again.


I thought it was a back issue?

At the same time
A lot of people sign off on the decision as giving the team its best chance

Calvin couldn’t practice but can play type stuff that ended his career early for the team ?

Stafford coming in being accused of being soft make him play with an edge the rest of his career ?

And they let him!!!

For a fired coach …
he should’ve been fired then for putting his interests ahead of the franchise

You need to rewatch the video. Matt was going in, come hell or high water. They tried to stop him.


He put the offense on his shoulder.

No should ever question Matt’s toughness……the dude is a warrior. I was hoping he would retire after the sb win so he hopefully doesn’t suffer by long term health issues.

We spelled out what the issues were last offseason leading up to the regular season. There was perfect clarity on the subject. McVay and Stafford decided to pretend it was something different than what it was. They only acknowledged Matt’s issues because they were losing. They put Matt on IR after they were (effectively) eliminated from playoff contention. They shut down Aaron Donald at the same time. Those guys were put on the shelf a few weeks after Cooper Kupp went on IR.

Kelly is going to need vaginal reconstructive surgery after Matty retires because he is going to take that kitty to pound town.

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Sure and he should’ve got his head coach fired for not knowing what was at risk and not having the discipline over his team where he it was still a bit of Everyman for himself to be the hero

That’s why those teams had the big errors.
In hindsight, this really was an early warning on how little control Schwartz had on the emotional discipline that can be the difference between a win and a loss

It’s great because it worked
But letting your most important player play in a meaningless moment where he can’t protect himself on the field
Only looks good because the worst case didn’t happen

Eventually you get Stafford playing with broken hands , broken back as team also showed zero trust in the backup QB and therefor never seriously invested in it. Matt ride or die.

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Stafford came in on rookie deal , one of last to get a big opening on
And got raises each time

Wasn’t he on track to be one of NFLs biggest earners for first 10 years of a career ?

He was the top earner, for a minute.

just like playing with a sketchy back…let me tell you something—back pain, messed up discs , fractures , tailbone issues, having your back out of place…hurts like hell if you tweak it-let alone if any defender keeps knocking you to the ground , it has to about kill your butt to keep getting back up and playing…Matt was one tough SOB !


different times when Matt came in against the Browns versus now.
you can’t look at what happened back then and say that it was wrong. you can only say it wouldn’t fly today.

I wonder if Stafford wishes he would’ve stuck it out here? I know he got a ring…and lots of money. But do you think he looks at what is happening with this team and regrets pulling the plug? He would’ve meshed well with Campbell. And he’s much better than Goff, so this team would be a legit super bowl contender had he stayed.