Injuries Make 0-17 In Play

I had us at about 4 wins before the season started. I figured we’d play hard enough to beat some bad teams and maybe get lucky against a decent team.

Four weeks in we are absolutely decimated by injuries, and none of these guys are going to be rushing back to the field. I’m particularly concerned about our offensive line depth with Ragnow, Decker and Sewell all banged up. What a nightmare…

0-17 is unfortunately in play. Unlikely, but possible. That would be a horrible way to start off the Holmes / Patricia era, and I would be devastated if it happens.

Not going to happen. It takes bad players, bad coaching, and bad luck to make a winless season possible. We’ve had a lot of injuries, sure, but I don’t think our players are that bad- I’ll take Goff over Orvlosky any day- our coaching is good, and well luck… we’ll see.

Nobody is just out there collecting paychecks… we got rid of Collins already. So the players left are young and hungry. They’ll get their wins.


Who will be “the win beneath our wings?”

What you guys seeing?


One of worst rosters in NFL… check.
Injuries and bad officiating… check.
bad play calling (especially red zone/short yardage)…


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Plus most of those injuries aren’t season ending. We’ll get decker and Sewell back in a week or so. Ragnow probably later in the season. Williams will come back in a few weeks too.

Their opponent.

Never fails in the NFL…some Sundays one team comes out blazing and the other flat. Sometimes the better team loses.

Very few teams have gone defeated or undefeated. The odds are simply against it.

I won’t sit here and say it’s impossible, but I would wager on the Lions winning at least a game or two this year.

Definitely not wagering that they’ll win more than that though :sweat_smile:


Eagles, Bears, Vikings, Falcons… Steelers, even. Plenty of opportunities out there. Heck, even the Seahawks, depending on Wilson’s status.

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I still think we win a couple games. If I was betting I’d say 3-14 is a good bet. But, ultimately it doesn’t matter, we are gonna finish last in the north and pick top 3 in the draft, which in many ways was expected. The injuries have been brutal but at least they are happening in a year we had no real shot at winning more than 5 games if they all stayed healthy.


There’s 13 games left and injuries always play a role. We could easily be playing a team weeks from now with a much worse injury situation than ours.

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Hey, Flowers is going to play. If one of the rookies up front steps up, they could surprise.

The march for Arch.
Planning for Manning.

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Before the season started I figured 2 or 3, maayybe 4 wins. I don’t really think so now. I thought they would beat Cinci-not so sure, even doubtful now. I thought the Eagles would be a win-not so sure now. And I thought Atlanta would be a win… again-not so sure. Can’t blame any one, two or three players. Most of them are just overwhelmed. The beginning of a rebuild, average to below average players, injuries, tough schedule….not looking good. They have a LONG way to go and it’s going to take a few years (2 or 3)for them to even be competitive. But on the bright side, draft picks will help. Picking high and picking often. I’ve seen this movie before. A few times.

Wehn we play Cinci, I want them to put Sewell in at DT so he can sack Burrow, just to make a point. LOL. They fuuuucked up big time !


We need a bit of luck for the first win of the season.
We can’t have so many accidents all the time, or can we.
We will never give up.
Yesterday I received a new Lions T-shirt, from China via Hungary to Croatia.
It’s never easy with the Lions.



I got the same Detroit Loins T-shirt. Lots of weird looks

Same here. Can’t trust those knockoffs. Mine had QB wearing 16, not 9.

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Players are bad, coaching is gutless on the final drives to hold the lead, and this is the Lions so there’s always bad luck.

I fell like we have more injured players right now than other teams, but no actual data to support that. Whatever the case, the WRs already suck, so we definitely can’t afford anymore hits to that group

Disagree. Any guy off the street is at least as good as our starting receivers, so an injury at WR is inconsequential