Inside Linebackers - Chenal, Muma, Anderson

Good article that give a slight edge to Chenal over Muma. Would love to pick up one of these guys int he third, but I’m thinking it may have to be pick 34. Anzalone, Davis, Barnes etc are not going to get it done. What do our draft experts think?

I’m not a ‘draft expert’, but I’ve been in love with Chenal for a while. I don’t know why, just one of those guys I gravitate towards because of a feeling that he’s just got ‘it’.


This thing refuses to populate correctly, but shows a good matchup between Chenal up on the line taking on C Tyler Linderbaum from Iowa and swatting him away like he’s a mosquito.


thx. Good example of finding the ball. pretty even strength-wise, which is great when its your mike taking on a center.

There are enough good LBs that I think a good one will be available with our third rounder. I think LB as a whole will slip a bit because outside of Parsons, it hasn’t been all roses for 1st round LBs, and most teams believe there is depth to be had.

He’s going to the Pats at #21 overall anyway, we’ll never have a shot at him.

I don’t love the fit. I mean he has the athleticism to work just fine in our system but you’re pauing a premium for the size which i don’t believe AG values all that much.

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To be honest, I’d prefer that vs. having him available at 32 or 34 and they don’t take him. I don’t want that heartbreak.

Chenal is good on the line taking on blockers and blitzing but no help whatsoever in the pass game

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Don’t think he was asked to do this. Maybe its because he can’t. Maybe because he wasn’t supposed to. He has the speed and short area quickness to do it. I think its a total unknown.

Yes, he does seem like a Pats pick.

Exactly what I went through last year with Bolton and JOK, for Levi Onwuzakettyhack.

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I’ve heard exactly the same thing listening to pro insiders. He is athletic, but not good in pass coverage. Not a good fit for us. Not a 3 down starter for us.

I’d prefer Anderson.


Which is why I’d rather have Anderson or muma. We already have Barnes to play the mike. I want a linebacker that can cover.


Same. With his athletic profile, intelligence and work ethic, I think he’s going to be special.


Is he Anderson or Muma?


He barely ever played man coverage but seemed ok in zone.

Im a big Chenal fan and think he is underrated but feel if we do take him we should also add a lb with good coverage skills.

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Brugler has Pats going WR in round 1 and Chenal falling to 66 to Detroit. This would be superb.


That would be great. I would be tempted to take him at 34 but if he is there in the third its a no brainer.