Inside the Den Episode 4: Training Camp Live!



I am suprised they could find any positive footage of jamo from camp so far. Obviously they had to do some creative editing cause there isnt anyway he caught a ball this offseason or goff found him deep in practice.

CB CJ: “You big for nothin” comment to NYG receiver … :rofl:

Kudos to Decker workout in Arizona training facility. Loved the routines & machines.

1st time I’ve seen the reverse angle endzone shot of Jamo’s one-handed grab for the 2-point conversion in the Lions-Giants preseason game(33:48)…Impressive !!!



Nowaske had his helmet stuck on just sitting there. Rodrigo to the rescue! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thx for sharing, will watch later. Another long one. Love the inside the dens.

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ASB vs Giants in practice: “Coach, I’ll be in street clothes Friday. I’m good.”

Tanx for posting this. Always enjoy them.

Better than Hard Knocks

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Riley patterson looks like he could play peter parker.