Interesting observation about internal leadership

Jeremy Reisman


Kalif Raymond told a neat story about how his Juggs challenge with Amon-Ra St. Brown trickled down the likes of Hodge and Benson. Reminds me of how Campbell talked about how he wants to get the franchise to a point where he doesn’t need to lead anymore. They’ll do it internally


Yeah, that would be an ideal scenario. It’s the makeup of all of the best teams.


That’s a really cool quote. Guys like St Brown who put in the extra work are what will build this team up. Not everyone has to be a ra-ra type of leader. Most of the time it’s just the players who show up early and stay on the field late. Love St Browns mentality, now let’s get his equivalent on the D.

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And once we get there we can then take a chance on a headcase or two and the players will keep them in check. Until then it’ll only be players with grit.


One of many reasons I love the the organization right now — they’re saying and doing things that make sense or are proven to be the right way

Going apeshit over the early FA period is silly to me and far too close to children crying “I want it now”

They’re building this thing with end-goals in mind. Like raising a child to grow into a well functioning adult.

Their approach is time tested in my mind. Nobody here wants a winning team more than these guys. But they’re not going to go after the quick fixes and feel good signings.

So be it


I want to see a team built for the long haul. I’ve seen so many administrative groups and coaches say the right things but, never able to complete their vision. Biggest reason to me is inability to draft effectively. Now we have a staff that is known for mining for talent and also have shown the ability to develop that talent.

Shelia, Spielman, Holmes, Campbell and Disner are the leaders that are at the helm right now. The started this together and will be held to account for the direction of this franchise. Good or bad. I like their formula/process.

Thus is a HUGE offseason for them. We’ll see if their W/L record drastically improves. That’s what we’re all aiming for.Right?


I agree with everyone so far, this is a great goal. DC being upfront and directly honest with these players is huge and will be as long as his leadership is good. And apparently, it’s stellar.
I remember him saying, Look, you can bring in athleticism and talent but if they don’t fit what we’re doing, what good is it if we can’t use him?
That’s paraphrasing of course, but I believe that’s the way free agency will be run here until possibly one player can push them over the top to a championship.
Every piece is going to have to fit, price wise and the culture.


just need Amon-Ra type of leaders!!!


Kalif’s relationship with Aman Rah was a key point for me wuth him coming back. His work ethic along with ARSB realky helped set the tone for the expectation of dedication to their craft. The entire locker room sees it.

Really good stuff, especially being on3 of the youngest teams in the league.


Accountability + Sustainability = Long Term Team Success

e.g. Ravens year-in-year-out


Plus, Campbell, Duece, AG, Brunell, can say, “look, I’ve been successful in the NFL. I’m not asking anything more than I’ve given. I want to help you to have a long, successful career.”
That carries weight!


Holy crap!. Finally a guy here that understands Leadership that doesnt have a front office putting him in a shit vise over and over.