Interesting Said he was goin up mocks lots of time before the pick is in

How pissed will the den be when Jax goes Walker at #1 and then we go Thibs at #2?


Well I will be I want Walker but would be ok with Hutch I guess if Thibs passes atitude with staff i would be ok with it . I think he can be very good if he wants to an thats big question for me.

Walker fits what they want to do Hutch could I think. When they go 3 -4 Walker goes on rush like LB or move to like pressure DE when 4-3 he goes DE, but again could be pressure DT.

He can move all over Hutch also he is no light weight just think Walker can do more .

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Nobody can tell me the combine doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t completely blow up the combine he’s not even in the top 10 conversation.

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Brugler and Jeremiah both had him in the top ten of their mocks before the combine. Brugler had him going 5th in one of them.

What if the rumors of the lions trading up to 1 are so they can draft Walker and not Hutch???

My eyes are burning with all the smoke

Nah, Lions would go full SOL football rtard smartst guys in the room and take Hamilton in this scenario.