InterestingTim Donaghy Details How He Knew What Games To Bet On

You have to believe steering takes place in the NFL as well . It’s an interesting watch to hear just how the refs watch each others backs and how they had memos and meetings in regards to fouls not called and also how much they listen to the Coaches complaints from the previous game .

He says so much of what I have felt for a long time that is going on. They dont necessarily sit around saying “we are going to screw this team,” they just have relationships and points of emphasis that work against the Lions more than most other teams. The Browns and Raiders are in the same boat as us.


Agreed , steering not a decided outcome. Just a mere mention of let’s protect Aaron today because of a Coach bitching to the NFL about it likely gets relayed to officials. Or like Suh because of his antics not getting holding calls .

Agree with the points fellas. I think you can see other key indicators as well like big market favorite against small market team.

Was also shocked to hear organized crime is still a thing lol

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Laughed out loud when Goodell said John Shaw could damage the integrity of the NFL.