Interview with our new OL addition - Halapoulivaati Vaitai

They just welcomed a new child to the world during all this COVID-19 craziness! He really wants us to know he can play multiple positions on the OL but doesn’t say what position he was signed to play so we can only assume RT.

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I would not be surprised if we landed the BAP of OG/OT and put Big V at the other. Whatever makes us tougher. This guy seems like a very nice dude. Almost wish he was angrier. LOL

Haha…I’d be pretty worried for his mental health if he came across as that type of person while doing an interview with the nicest interviewer ever in Tori Petry!

Plus I know I’d be on top of the world if I had just closed the biggest deal of my life last week at 26 Y.O. and had added a new baby!

By the time we start the season, he’ll have plenty of unvented rage to unleash I know!!

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Unfortunately Bob Quinn drafts are like many modern plastics in that they are BPA free.


Nicely done, my brother! LOL

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You just busted the interwebz. Most factual post in the den’s history!

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Comedy gold I say! Well done