IOWA vs Kentucky

Should be a decent enough game. Interesting tidbits, both teams have a 15 game non-conference winning streak. Players to watch. Dane Belton, safety from IOWA, 5 int’s and 7 passes defended this year. Will Levis, QB from Kentucky has ceiling as an NFL backup. WR Wan Dale Robinson had a great season with 1,164 receiving yards. Not a lot to see IMO for players who might make NFL impacts, just what could be an entertaining game.

Spencer Petras is the worst QB in college football, IOWA is going to get blown out.

Wan Dale just beat Dane on 3rd and 26 for a first down.

Well, La Porta might have just moved up a couple spots. 5 receptions, 98 yards and a TD.

Robinson with a spectacular game, 10 for 170 yards and he’s taken some shots.


I like Robinson

UK safety Yusuf Corker flashed at times when I was able to tune in… but I really didn’t watch for long.
I’m trying to find a safety that we might grab in the later rounds who is flying under the radar a bit.

I would put the odds of you doing it as better than Bob Quinn. :laughing: Seriously though, good to know about Corker.