Is all forgiven if we beat the packers?

Just thinking out loud, yes the loss to the bears really hurt and could be season defining but will it be? I think that Patricia has The locker room unified better than it ever has been. I believe him letting the players demonstrate and protest how they want got him some major brownie points from the team. Is this team strong enough to overcome bad coaching? I suppose we are about to find out. The lions face a very tough task going against Aaron Rodgers after a hot start in our corner backs injured. So my question is if we beat the Packers doesn’t matter how( a win is a win in the NFL) Is all forgiven? I believe that if we beat the Packers the momentum is restored and the team will be rejuvenated and will completely forget about the Bears game. Patricias teams have always played the Packers tough.


We’re gonna have to score 38 points to beat them. If everyone is healthy, we can do that.

Our D will look like watermelon balls in a Ninja blender.

I think our O can beat 'em. We need to keep the throttle down when we have a lead. Run, run, pass has failed for 2 years. Attack & win! This has to be the formula, unless we magically trade a practice squad player for Aaron Donald next week.

And yes - I think all will be forgive with many of us. Some people will hang on to their anger if we win the SB. We all have varying degrees of that.


Can we beat GB - Yes.

But will that forgive the crappy coaching last game - No

We lost that last game because of coaching and this is a common theme with MP’s teams.

Winning does cure all but he’s going to need to win more games than he loses this year before fans will start to have faith in him.

Personally I think Stafford and the offense can overcome MP and that atrocious defense but it won the easy.

Aaron Rogers looked motivated vs Minny. He’s a man on a mission. The Pack pissed him off by drafting Jordan Love. I’m highly expecting Rogers to ball out this year and then demand a trade. I’m very concerned he will light up our secondary. It could be a very ugly game for us. If that happens then it’s going to get ugly around here too.


I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ultimately is on Patricia. That’s why they pay him the big bucks. But we lost that game because of lack of execution (Swift, Prater, Stafford and others), bonehead mistakes (Collins and Tavai), and key injuries at the CB position. The buck stops next to the bucket of chicken on Patricia’s desk, but I didn’t see much to hang in game on Patricia. As far as coaching, Bevell running AP into the Bears D-line in “dagger time” was uninspiring, I’d say. Would have been a perfect time for play action to ice the win. So lots went down that was out of Patricia’s control - but the head coach gets the blame and that’s where it belongs from a W/L whole season perspective. He will live and die with the record his team produces. But was this loss on Patricia’s coaching per se? That’s a stretch if you ask me.

And yes, the can beat GB. Will they, I wouldn’t bet on it. But they had better find a way to stack wins or this regime is done. And they aren’t yet.

We seem to play good vs GB. Can we get the win, yes. But it doesn’t take away what has happened the past two years. It’s not just one game.

For me the answer is no, not all is forgiven if we beat the Packers. Even if we’re 6-2 I won’t buy in. I need to see them put a whole season together and be competitive in the playoffs.


I never understand why people give a HC a pass for this. It’s his team. He assembled it with his guys. It’s his job to get them prepared. The bonehead mistakes fall directly on his shoulders. Then there’s scheme and play calling. All of it lead to the loss and all of it is his responsibility.


Exactly, it’s not the 1st time MP team choke in the 4th quarter. Lol…it’s 11th

I didn’t give him a pass. He gets the blame. I said it more than once. The whole team is his baby and he’s ultimately responsible for wins and losses. But in terms of why they lost that particular game, I didn’t see much within the game to blame on Patricia and I cited a bunch of things outside of his control that directly contributed to the loss. Still, it’s on his record. His loss.

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I think our only chance to win is they get some turnovers and our offense has to be playing on all cylinders.

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You didn’t see a offense that went in to conservative mold once again when we got the lead or did you miss the 21 points scored in the 4th qter, a total Collapse with a 17 point lead. If this was a one time thing it would be different, but this is the same defense we watched last year. Different players same results. If we beat the Packers or any team it’s not because Patricia it’s inspire him

Absolutely not. Just like in 2018 when we blew the Packers out twice. It was fun to watch, but a 6-10 record is a 6-10 record whether we beat the Packers or not.

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Perhaps he’s not overruling Bevell when he should? There were a couple too many runs up the middle in the 4th, on first and second down, in an attempt to drain the clock one would guess, hoping also AP breaks one. But there should have been a more aggressive approach, I agree. A play action pass or two. Patricia was indeed aggressive in going for the field goal, that’s a call he makes himself. Maybe he should have called for zone coverages with his fourth and fifth string CBs out there. And maybe it would have been the same result anyway with guys like Robinson and Miller going up against special teamers. But this is indeed Patricia’s L. And they all are.

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We’re we watching the same game?

Once up by 17 we chose to play man coverage when we had multiple injuries. Even Trubisky commented on it. A cover 3 zone would have forced them into taking the underneath stuff. Forcing them into long drives where Mitch makes mistakes. But this also eats up the clock. This is football 101 stuff. We chose man.

We chose to try a 55 yard FG instead of punting and forcing them into a long drive that eats up the clock. Keep in mind Prater had a new place holder and had some struggles in camp hitting longer FG’s.

We chose to put a rookie RB in who had caught 60% of his targets. We asked him to catch his first TD pass and win the game.

These are just 3 of his questionable coaching decisions on Sunday.


I can agree with the zone part, that makes total sense. I wonder if the bottom of the roster CBs had many reps in zone in practice. But I agree that is something that may have helped out. I will say nobody is going to confuse Patricia with a defensive genius anytime soon.

I liked the FG call. That’s playing to win the game. That distance is easily within Prater’s range and would have put them up by 16.

And wait, are you kidding me about the Swift call? I can’t disagree more on that. They got him wide open for an easy pitch and catch. He’s a rook sure, but that’s why he’s drawing a salary, to make plays, first game or not.

Tough game but maybe if we:

  1. Win the turnover battle (per Bigo2003)

  2. Run the ball inside. We have had success in the past doing exactly this and it plays to AP’s strength. It also keeps ARog off the field. If the Lions get behind by 14 or more don’t try to keep doing what isn’t working. Duh! but MP is stubborn.

  3. No 3 man rushes on passing downs. Blitzing ARog isn’t usually productive because he has seen it all over the years and is good at finding the proper dump off. MP doesn’t like to blitz anyway so it fits his scheme. Probably a lot of nickel or dime defense to limit the damage. GB’s receivers don’t scare me aside from Adams.

  4. The weather forecast for GB is sunny and 60’s so no problem there.

  5. A little luck wouldn’t hurt

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Oh, we’ll be talking Super Bowl if we beat the Packers. This board is manic depressive.


Here is the thing. Patricia always devises a good game plan vs Rodgers. The record might say 2-2 but we all know we got robbed on MNF and the packers never lead in either game until the clock struck 0…so while I expect the packers to win and Rodgers to continue on his “FU love tour” i wouldn’t be shocked if we win…losing 3 corners hurts.

LOL - I think some are manic, some are depressed, and some are manic depressive. :wink: