Is Caldwell back with the Lions?

My biggest issue with Caldwell, aside of being a lump on a log, was that as soon as we had a lead the foot was off the gas. Both offensively and defensively.

This is the NFL, ANYTHING can happen. Look how many times Stafford came back a couple years ago. That is your evidence, but caldwell nor this staff seems to ‘get that’.

Yesterday we had that comfy lead and we played like it. The coaching staff took a big hit with me yesterday.

A rookie qb with a rookie head coach and new coaching staff and we honestly should have lost that game the way it was trending.


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Yeah, that performance solidified my opinion on Matty Patty and co. Entering the season, I thought our chances of making the playoffs were razor thin. When you throw away a win like that against the worst team from last year, that may just be the difference in getting a wild card spot. If we were down 20 points to the Chiefs and came back to tie, that is a whole different ball game. This was a game everyone counted as a W before the season started. Turning it into a tie, is basically a loss. We might be now looking at a 1-5-1 start if things play out like it looks to me now.

I agree the staff let up, especially on defense… We just stopped pressuring them. Oh, you’re having a bad day? We’re sorry, here ya go.

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