Is Carson Wentz the next Matt Stafford?


I’ll skip to the end:

“Drafting a top quarterback is the only way to go. Everyone knows that. The Detroit Lions knew it in 2009, and they were exactly right with their selection. It has worked out perfectly, but Bobby Layne is still smiling across the black-and-white pages of team history, holding the trophy and waiting for someone else to claim it.”


The Lions picked the right guy but it’s still a team game when you talk about playoff wins. He needs help like every QB does.


I disagree that they were “exactly right”. Hindsight says they should have built other parts of the team first, then added a QB in the draft a couple years later when the rookie scale was in place. :wink:

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No, Stafford was not only the best player in that draft but it isn’t even close.

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Taking Stafford was the right choice 100% and when you look at the 1st round QB’s taken since the Rookie scale was implemented , Cam Newton , Luck , Goff & Wentz are the only ones that remotely stand out…and if the idea was to wait a few years Newton or Luck would have been those guys , in 2019 Stafford is the best pick of the bunch .

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He’s going to need some titanium parts, but sure, he could be, I guess.

Bob Ford. Philly Fluff Idiot.

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Matt was the only Choice that draft.

His tale is one of remembrance that it’s still a team sport and the coaches too!

And, this could be the yr imho!!

So which one of these guys do you think would have been a better building block:

OT - Jason Smith
DE- Tyson Jackson
LB - Aaron Curry
QB - Mark Sanchez
OT - Andre Smith
WR - Darrius Heyward-Bey
OT - Eugene Monroe
DT - BJ Raji
WR - Michael Crabtree
DE - Aaron Maybin
RB - Knowshon Moreno
LB - Brian Orakpo

That’s your top 13 picks. Then a really good player who’s still around got chosen - DB Malcom Jenkins. Now back to the picks:

LB - Brian Cushing
LB - Larry English
QB - Josh Freeman
DE - Robert Ayers
WR - Jeremy Maclin
TE - Brandon Pettigrew

That’s the top 20.

Carson Wentz is a better QB than Matthew Stafford IMO

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You needed to have the #1 pick to get Cam, Luck and Goff. And you needed the #2 pick to get Wentz. I like the 2017 class because at least there was a chance to actually draft the best guys (Mahomes - 10th, Watson - 12th).

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None of the above.

The team that took Curry, has been to 2 super bowls and won one.

Even though Curry busted out…

Hard to say. Wentz walked into a much better situation than Stafford with an Eagles team that went 10-6, 10-6, and 7-9 before his arrival. And, obviously, the Eagles were good enough to win a Super Bowl without him.


Agreed and when you do not have a QB and you posses the #1 overall selection you take the franchise QB everyday of the week, no doubt. Mahomes is silly, he has that Favre love of the game and gun slinger mentality , to go with a Coach that allows him to be him …I think Andy Reid is huge part of the reason Mahomes is the QB he is and that the KC defense was so horrid it was necessary to let Mahomes just play back yard ball to stay in games. I think Wentz has a long way to go to be on Stafford’s level that’s just me .


To the topic…lol. Wentz is a China doll, Stafford is not. Now who would I want on a fantasy roster…Still would take Stafford.

Psst:…never played fantasy.

You overlooked my wink emoji. It’s all hindsight, and if I get to go back, I trade that pick for future picks. In fact, I would trade 3 entire drafts and the entire roster, because none of it worked. :slight_smile:

Well unless Curry contributed to that team getting to two SBs and winning one its totally irrelevant . Its about Curry and the other players in that draft, not the teams. Otherwise we can bring in the Saints, Giants, Packers, Ravens, Patriots, Broncos and Eagles because whoever they drafted in 2009 their teams won the Super Bowls after that!

No, it isn’t irrelevant. The point is that picking poorly in 2009 didn’t hurt them 4, 5 years later.

Once we signed Stafford to an extension, he was less a draft pick and more a FA.

You can say that for so many teams. The Patriots routinely have poor picks and they still win. The Seahawks had one poor pick. But the guys they picked beyond round 2, like Sherman, Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Michael Bennett helped win that Super Bowl. I don’t understand you point at all.