Is Defensive End in play in the first round?

It seems like almost every year I want us to get a DE…but this year, after resigning Okwara and having Flowers and the other Okwara, I kind-of question if we really need to spend a high round pick on another DE. I mean, you can never have too many but with so many other needs, maybe our focus should be elsewhere.

I thought about this after watching this yesterday, pretty impressive.

Nope definitely not in the first

Between two Okwaras and Flowers, I’ve kinda taken edge defenders off my wish list.

Everything is in play when you trade down.


I hope not

With as crappy as the Lions have been I’d say every position is in play.

If there were a real difference maker on the board when we picked at DE I’d suspect he’d be taken.

Problem is this DE class is a little light at the top. It becomes more likely in a trade down scenario. Same with DT.

I always gravitate towards game wrecking DTs and DEs. I just don’t see anybody this year that warrants a top 10 pick at those positions this year. If we traded back, I guess we could go edge, but there’s so many question marks at that position this year I would rather stay put and try to get a “sure thing” at 7.


Hmm, hell no. Except for the aforementioned trade down.

I think a pass rush specialist guy that needs to work on complete game to be a starter will be taken later in draft but no DE in 1st at all. Even if we trade down to 21 with indy say, I think that brings LB Collins into play over a DE

What if we trade down into the 10-15 range, how about Kwitty or Rousseau then?

At this point it seems that Rousseau isn’t getting picked until the end of the first round. Paye, Ojulari and Phillips are all going ahead of him. Oweh and Basham might as well.

Why is Rousseau dropping?

Not totally sure. I think it’s a mix of his only playing one year, much of his production coming while slid inside and just a decent but nothing freaky pro day. Keep in mind I’m just talking about draft “gurus”. I have no idea what teams are thinking of course. Generally he’s in the mid to late twenties now for whatever reason.

One season of productivity, 13 games against college level players and then sat out last season

It’s a weak class generally given the lack of actual production by Edges like Oweh and Paye. I don’t see the Lions taking an edge rusher in the first three rounds of the draft.

I’d like to see us target a specialist late on day two. Rumph is my preference. Roche would work as well. Not sure about Hamilcar Rasheed. Production wasn’t there this year but his ‘19 production plus traits are intriguing.