Is Detroit Lions Jameson Williams finally breaking out

I know Tyreek is a unicorn, but some of the stuff the Dolphins run for him is stuff the Lions should scheme up for Jamo. Like deep crosses or shallow slants. That speed of his has shown up a few times but Waddell and Hill in Miami strike the fear of God into defenses and safeties are way out of the box. Teams are stacking the box like the Bears did yesterday and it makes life tough for Goff, Ra, and LaPorta.


He compliments this offense well. That TD was Goff simply waiting to see if the Safety came
down to help cover Amon or stay deep with Williams.

Amon will win the one on one with a LB or slot corner. If Williams becomes a reliable deep pass threat watch out

And if they go two high we will just check into run and gash them

How can you not root for this guy?


Confidence is huge. And you can tell he’s starting to understand the offense with his increased snap counts.

I fully expect him to keep getting better.


ARSB through 267 career offensive snaps: 24 rec, 204 yards, 0 TDs
Jamo through 263 career offensive snaps, 11 rec, 174 yards, 3 TDs

They’re very different receivers, but Jamo is gonna be fine.


Great find. And it could be 5 TDs without the laundry


Great find

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TBH it is your take that is unrealistic. I ignored your initial comment and was prepared to move on but you doubled down with @Phunnypharm so I will throw in as well. His ceiling is not wr3 in this league. It appears some have forgotten why the Lions moved up to get him. His season at Alabama was historic. Coming back from an ACL is not an easy task. Brad has said several times they did not expect anything from him last year. Then he had the gambling suspension, so between those two incidents he has been really set back. He is still a rookie in every sense of the word. His issue has always been maturity and it has never had anything to do with talent. The coaching staff’s concerns were over maturity not talent. His maturity is starting to catch up with his talent. JAMO is never going to be a volume catcher of the ball. He is going to be your big strike, a few reverses, always striking fear in the defense kind of player. He has the potential to be a top 10 wr in this league and there are things in his game that only he and tyreke hill are capable of. D


That was my biggest concern. That and his drops. Both seem to be abating and it’s great to see


All I know is he exudes “fun”, all of the sudden. It’s all over his face and demeanor.
I think he’s about to have a lot of fun, and he knows it.


Little Rocket Man is a beauty. Just had a bit of adjustment to Goff. It seems to be improving each week.

Me too. I’m excited for his future.


It would be truly spectacular if JAMO looks like a number 12 overall pick by the time the playoffs begin. If it’s really just starting to click now, the timing, how his route fits with the rest of the offensive play, the precision necessary; if that’s all starting to click now, Huynh certainly has to hope that it’s going to start showing results quickly and hopefully exponentially. That would be amazing!


Jamo is going to get better each week. This kid is going be another CD Lamb someday… but faster. WR3 ceiling LOL…OMG,“seriously”. It took Herman Moore a season and a 1/2 before the lights came on without an ACL rehab and gambling suspension… chill out.

Are You Serious Cary Elwes GIF

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Jamo 2 TDs and 130 yards Turkey Day special

gobble gobble muthafuckas


@TNutZz This happens and we win?

I send you an authentic Jamo jersey.

Maybe we can get it signed?

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Hellz yea

Now Goff needs to throw a pass that isn’t behind him.

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