Is Detroit the worst city for pro sports?

The Tigers are the worst team in MLB and there isn’t much hope for the future.
The Lions aren’t making the playoffs again.
I don’t watch hockey or basketball, but the Red Wings were pretty bad last year
The Pistons got swept as the #8 seed last year.

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Pistons aren’t bad.

Pistons were 41-41 last season
Red Wings were 32-40-10
Tigers were 47-114
Lions 3-4-1 (6-10) from last year.

0 playoff wins.

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Indians 93-69.

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The Indians are far better than any Detroit team currently.

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Yup…add in both college football teams of you want also

So we are only talking about 1 single season? WTF kind of question is it then?


Miami is pretty bad right now too.

In today’s Pro Sports, NOT making the Playoffs IS “bad”.

From 1984 thru 2014, we’ve had at least one competitive team; this is the first time since the 1970s, we haven’t had a valid contender.

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But remember, to Lions fans making the playoffs is bad. They dont like how we make it, so they would rather not make it at all. So that means we are having a great season to them.

I thought he meant that they have the worst sports teams currently.

The Detroit teams have been bad for about 5 years now. The Tigers were the last Detroit team to be relevant.


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Detroit, because we have hockey, and Miami doesn’t.

Red Wings are trash this year but look like the only team with a real plan in place, and it’s hard to deny Steve Yzerman’s record as a GM.

I think the Wings might have the best chance to be the good team of the group the soonest … again.

The Florida Panthers play relatively close by in what is still considered Metro-Miami, so technically they do.

Edit: I should mention that they’re on the uptick since signing Sergei Bobrovsky.

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Gotcha. Still I think I would rather take the Panthers then the wings.
Plus heat are I think 4-1
Marlins had 10 more wins then The Tigers.
So still say Detroit.

The Florida Panthers play in Sunrise…a suburb to Miami about the same distance as Auburn Hills is to Detroit.



The Wings have a chance going forward because they are the only team that has a GM. The other 3 are all doomed. The Pistons dont even have a GM, the Tigers hired Alex Avilas dad and they both suck, and the Fords went cheap as usual and hired a clueless geek who hired a fake genius to coach.
I’m not even a hockey fan, but the wings will win a playoff series before the Tigers or Pistons do and well before the Lions even think about winning a playoff game.