Is Glasgow worth the franchise tag?

Before I get roasted let me clarify that I’m not a cap guy and don’t know the cost of doing so.

He’s a pretty good player with versatility that this regime covets, so why let him walk if you can’t get a deal done?

It would be one less position to worry about come free agency and draft time.

Just trying to get a feel on what you guys think about him.

Only in the XFL.

I think so, personally.

He wants to be here. He can play all 3 positions on the inside of the line well. There’s no one else on the team worth franchising over him.

He’s a player the Lions should want to keep and not let hit FA. Any guard the Lions sign that is as good as Glasgow will cost them a fortune. Why not give the money to a guy that was drafted here and wants to be here?

2020 Projected Franchise and Transition Tenders

Position Franchise Tag Transition Tag
QB $26,895,000 $24,373,000
DE $19,316,000 $16,338,000
WR $18,491,000 $15,926,000
CB $16,471,000 $14,570,000
LB $16,266,000 $14,080,000
OL $16,102,000 $14,666,000
DT $15,500,000 $12,321,000
S $12,735,000 $10,801,000
RB $12,474,000 $10,189,000
TE $11,076,000 $9,267,000
ST $5,297,000 $4,884,000

Glasgow’s not a $16M a year player. No way, no how.


Okay thanks for the chart…Like I said I didn’t know the amount of $$$ he would get if franchised.

16m seems like a lot for a G…

Right, but he is worth a long term deal and the franchise tag is a conduit to that happening.

What’s the alternative? Throw a late round rookie in there? Spend a high draft pick on a guard (still adding a rookie to the mix)? Sign a guy from another team for the same amount of money we would have paid Glasgow?

Someone’s going to pay him the money. It might as well be the Lions. They need to keep their good players. Not let them walk in FA and pay an equal or lesser player from another team the same money.

If they can upgrade over Glasgow for a similar price - sure. I’m not sure I see any guards out there that would be better though.

I’m all for signing Glasgow and giving him a fair deal. The franchise tag doesn’t necessarily mean the Lions would be bent over when it comes to making that deal.

Yeah, not worth the tag, but worth keeping. Lions should be trying to sign him to an extension before he hits FA.

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Hopefully, they can make that happen.

If I’m Glasgow’s agent though, I’m telling him to hold out for the tag or to hit FA.

He’s going to get Free Agency offers, that much is certain. Will they be more than the Lions are offering is the question.

Tagging him is out of the question.

Yep, I think this is likely the outcome. I don’t see any way the Lions retain him other than the Lions being competitive with FA offers and Glasgow wanting to be here.

I’d say the odds of Glasgow leaving are significantly greater than him staying.

It is possible to tag a guy and then replace the tag deal with a more affordable, team-friendly long-term deal. I don’t see it happening here. The Lions should have tried to extend him previously. Instead, the didn’t and opted to have him play musical chairs with Wiggins.

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What kind of comp pick will we get if Glasgow signs with another team for big money? I ask because I’m worried that they will let him walk.

It depends on the size of the contract. For a guard of his caliber and the money he’ll receive…I’m going to guess a 4th or a 5th round pick…Maybe a 6th if he’s worth less than I’m thinking he is. But, a guy that performs at a high level, can play all 3 interior positions well, and is never injured will get a decent payday for sure.

Problem is, the Lions would need to sign another guard to a similar deal which would negate the transaction and eliminate the compensatory pick.

Unless, of course, the Lions opt to replace him with a rookie or promote Aboushay (sp?). In which case, that compensatory pick won’t help the running game or pass protection next year.

Holy crap! Didn’t realize all OL were lumped together for the franchise tag formula… Certainly wasn’t expecting 16mil! Figured 10-12mil. Sheesh!

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They could tag him and then come out of the tag with an $11 million/year deal for 5 years.

Just because you tag a guy it doesn’t mean you’re paying him the full tag price for the upcoming season. It’s all about working out a long term deal.

Likely nothing because we will be too aggressive in FA. I expect BQ to go after defensive help this offseason.

He won’t get tagged because he’s not worth the tag cost. It would be cheaper to just sign him.

I expect GG to hit free agency and to sign elsewhere. He will likely draw more than we’re willing to pay. We will take those savings and go after defensive help.


No you really can’t because if they tag him he would be smart to quickly sign it. Then they are on the hook for the tagged amount. The tag is almost double what he will draw on the market. He won’t get franchise tagged.

OG’s are fairly easy to find. The Lions won’t overpay for one.


Right, but don’t teams tag guys and then replace the tag with a long term deal all the time? A lot of guys prefer the long term deal over the tag, right?

1 year at $16 million < 5 years at $55 million

Isn’t this the primary purpose of the tag? Promise the guy enough to stay and work out a long term deal that is advantageous to both the player and the team?

Yes but it doesn’t work like your thinking. That happens when a players is going to get a huge contract with massive guarantees. The player will negotiate for the guarantees and long term contract. GG is not going to get a massive amount of guaranteed money.

For example the top OG in free agency is B. Scherff. Sportstrac is projecting he will get a contract like the following.

Scherff Market Value

  • 4 yrs, $49,872,044
  • Avg. Salary: $12,468,011

Maybe half of that would be guaranteed money.

GG won’t get anywhere close to this amount he will likely get around a 4 year 34-38 mil with 15-17 mil guaranteed.

The tag would bring 16M guaranteed for one year. He would be smart to sign the tag and enter FA again next year. That’s why he won’t get franchise tagged.

I think if BQ can get GG for 7-8 mil a year then there’s a chance we may resign him. But if he draws closer to 10 mil a year then we will let him walk.

Hope this helps.


Very helpful - as always. Thanks, Air!

Perhaps my biggest mistake here is assuming that Glasgow and Scherff would earn similar contracts. I guess I didn’t consider Scherff to be that much better than Glasgow. Perhaps I’m overestimating the quality of player he is. I’m thinking Glasgow will be lining up at least a $10 million per year deal. He’s always healthy, he performs well, he’s versatile…he checks all the boxes in my book. Perhaps that’s my miscalculation here.

Thanks again air, and everyone else for the perspective on this. Always appreciated.


I think Glasgow will get overpaid and it will be by a team other than the Lions. Why?

A pretty thin market at OG. Here’s the list of FA OGs according to Spotrac:

To further illustrate the slim pickings, on December 30, 2019, the Raiders signed Richie Incognito, who will be 37 when the 2020 season starts, to a two year, $12.7 million contract with $5 million guaranteed at signing and can earn up to $2 million in per game bonuses.