Is Goff better than Stafford?

Certainly they have different skill sets and Goff is probably surrounded by a better team right now than Stafford had for most of his years here. Goff runs play action as well as anyone in the league, is extremely accurate short to mid range, but doesn’t have the deep ball cannon Matt had. Receivers are definitely getting more separation with our current scheme and the running game and oline are light years ahead of what Stafford ever had here. Goff has been unreal protecting the football this year. Hopefully he can keep it going.

Do you think Stafford would have won more, less, or the same if we had swapped him out for Goff and if he had stayed healthy all year?

I’m leaning toward Goff being a little bit better than Stafford overall, which is strange for me to say because I thought Matt was the best quarterback I had ever seen, or would ever see, in a Lions uniform. Goff is slowly changing my mind and I think he is Super Bowl winning material.


Oh good lord here we go again…



YES! Goff is very healthy & Matt is on IR! Goff is indeed better than Stafford… today.


I don’t think the scheme Stafford prefers would have been a good fit for the team we have built. We have the maulers on the Oline and this offense runs with multiple plays out of under center run blocking formations

The shotgun zone blocking scheme Stafford prefers racks up a ton of yards but would limit the offensive creativity of someone like BJ and what he can plan


Stafford to me was more of the gunslinger Elway/Favre type who could make mind boggling throws, whereas Goff has more touch, doesn’t force things if he doesn’t have to, more game manager style but really good at it. Goff can also throw deep, I’m not sure where that perception came from. He has a perfectly fine deep ball (ask his fiancé).

All that being said, Stafford totally sucks and Goff is the best ever! Wish we made this trade 7 years ago!

… I’m being facetious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Lol. That thought definitely raced through my head as I was typing it. But we have 7+ months to fill. I’m open for just about any topic right now.

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Or maybe ask McVay’s wife??

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Different skillset. Impossible to compare. I think Goff has great synergy with this group of guys and coaches that leads to very good results.

I think Lamar Jackson is also a good QB but I think he would struggle in this offense. Skill is not a linear thing and you can’t put a good QB in any offense and expect results. See Russell Wilson.


Goff reminds me of Joe Montana. Not a cannon of an arm, but just enough to get the ball where it needs to go, on time, especially accurate on the short and medium throws, but can still hit the big play deep. Top of the League in the play action game.


This is interesting… so honest question… is his preference for that something he came into the league with, or something he developed because of the offenses we ran throughout his years here? I don’t remember what they did at Georgia with him, but he had what, 3 or 4 different OCs here who were always changing things up?

My question is do you think had he come into the league with a coordinator like DC/Johnson, as a young kid could he have developed to prefer another style? Or did he come in with a specific skill set of being really good in a shotgun heavy offense?

Again honest question and interested to hear what you think!

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I think it’s a little of both. It’s what Linehan schemed up when they drafted him. And it’s why they drafted acquired smaller quicker lineman and pass catching RBs. Lots of short passes to open up the deep passes. Lots of screens and dump offs

The only year they tried to commit to an under-center scheme was in 2014 and Stafford and the offense looked listless. I wouldn’t put that all on him though. It’s the first year Raiola stopped calling protections so he had to learn a new scheme, call his own alerts and the Oline was built for more zone pass protect than the man protect that Lombardi wanted

There’s an article I posted last year too about how LA basically ditched their old play action based offense for more shotgun. And this year before he got hurt it was even more of a stark change. It’s just what he does. He likes to see the defense, be in shotgun and sling it. When it works it really works - Especially when you have an uninjured Kupp who can’t be covered. But it will limit the chess match ability of the game


I will say that the offensive scheme we run has always been my favorite scheme.

I’d say that there’s 2 different types of QBs and I agree that Stafford is more Elway / Favre whereas Goff is more Brady / Brees.

Honestly, the reason the Rams were better last season with Stafford versus Goff is that Stafford’s skillset is able to compensate for the lack of a consistent run game more so than Goff’s is as the Ram’s running game left something to be desired last season.


Jesus. We can’t just enjoy success. We have to create drama.

Are apples better then oranges?

Goff is better at some things stafford is better at others. This team isn’t this team if we still had Goff, some of the capital we got was because this team traded stafford.


Absolutely this is true! The Rams sacrificed thier run game for the Stafford pass offense. Once Stafford got hurt McVay went back to the zone run scheme and the Rams rushing attack became effective again.

I do find it interesting that McVay was willing to accommodate Stafford and his preferences but was so iron fist with Goff.


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No we cannot enjoy success! Because all of our coaches are leaving, we won’t resign any of our free agents, and all the good vibes we got going this year will go to shit by next week!

Just teasing ya😉 the whole coaching rollercoaster ride drives me crazy too

Also sorry @stephenboyd57 oranges are way better than apples.

And mandarins are on another level :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At this very moment, Goff is better than Stafford. But let’s be real, if both guys are healthy, it’s not even close. The kool-aide is following super hard right now. It is not hard to see when both QBs play who is better and capable of more. Stafford can do everything Goff can do and more. Point to turnovers if you want, but even that would be false. Jared Goff throws more INTs+fumbles than Stafford does.

Goff has 2.0% INT rate to Staffords 2.4% over the course of their careers. But they aren’t asked to do the same thing at all. And Stafford played the majority of his career on a shitty team where he was asked to do a heck of a lot more than manage games.

Also, matt has 79 fumbles in his 14 year career. While Jared Goff has 58 fumbles in 7.

For Stafford being labeled a gunslinger and Goff a game manager. I’ll take a “gunslinger” capable of much more who actually turns it over less than a “game manager.”

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