Is Hockenson still the man?

I think he was pretty quiet last game.



He had other work to do.
Hint: no sacks allowed.


I was thinking the same thing but i think he had much more blocking assignments this game. He will still have big passing games but he might be used alot more as a blocker since our oline did much better this week compared to last week

Hock played 79% of the snaps but was limited to only 3 targets. I wish I had the ability to go back and re-watch the game for his blocking. I assume they kept him on the line to help out the OT’s. How often was he lined up off the line?

Every week it will be different depending on the match-ups. This is one reason why I rarely pick a New England player in DFF because a different offensive guy excels from week to week. For the Lions, it was Galladay’s turn to be the guy.

I’d rather have that than having to throw to a triple covered Calvin every 2nd pass.


I believe you are 100 percent correct. Bev said that he will change the game plan every week based on opponent, so I guess he felt as though the Chargers would pay extra attention to him based on his last week performance. Hock also had to block more I believe


It’s also a nice change having a legit decoy from the TE position. When Ebron was out there you know he was not going to help with the blocking assignments. That made him very predictable.


Hockenson looks like he’s going to be a great player for the Lions
And just what the offense needed
It seemed like the most bang for the buck pick at the time and I think we’ll see that over the course of the season.


Hock did his job. Stats be dammed. THIS is why we drafted him AND signed JJ. We could had never pulled this off last year. TEs were a HUGE reason we won, unless you just look at stats.
Next week I bet you see a ton more of both in the recieving and the backs are in to pass block much more. Philly thru 2 weeks has been bringing a shit ton of pressure up the middle and leaving the middle of the field open. The TEs won’t help in protection on that but the backs will. The TEs should see single coverage with a safety or lber in the deep middle, just have to give Stafford time to hit it


A real, no shit dual threat TE that WANTS to block!!

keeping them guessing!

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how about is willing and CAN block efficiently…refreshing as hell !

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We should trade him to the Patriots for a seventh round pick


I hated the pick draft night, thought there were TE options available later and better positional value was on the board. I undervalued TJ, I was wrong. What I have seen so far is his effort to be a complete TE matching his ability. A year or so and this guy will be a monster. Throw in a true #1 receiver and a run game and this offense could be scary good.


Right there with ya’

I would prefer that the “franchise” stay clean than the new TE gets FF stats. I think The Hock has to learn something about the game yet, I think he had 3 penalties on Sunday. But I like what I see so far from the rook.

Welcome to the forum, Bigswing. Nice first post. I was also wrong about TJ, but I also blame Ebron and Pettidrop.

It’s all in how they use him. This week they needed him to watch Matt’s back.


I haven’t rewatched the game yet but I watching it live I’m pretty sure I saw TJ get a nice pancake block in the game.

His new name is TJ Blockenson


One of the three targets to Hockenson was a throwaway by Stafford. Matt was hurried by a blitz and he just got rid of it in the general direction of Hock, approximately 15-20 yards from him. He was not penalized for a grounding so it counts as a target.