Is it just me, or should we be more mad at Aaron?

As soon as we finally figure out how to beat him, after all these years, and we start taking away his NFC North crown from him…

He leaves…

We can’t enjoy beating him for the rest of his career.

We didn’t run from him. He’s running from us. He’s a coward.

But we knew that already.


The only thing I’m mad at is the draft capital the Packers got for him. We beat the Packers the last 3 times he played the Lions, so at least he will always remember that.

He owned us for about 10+ years as well.


The Bully usually only has to get beat up once to leave you alone. We beat him up twice (or three times), so there’s that. I don’t think a season could have ended any better than last season until we win the Super Bowl.


He‘ll be remembered as a Packer, not a Jet.

And his final moment at Lambeau was getting his ass kicked by Detroit.

I’ll take it.


He didn’t leave, he got chased out of the division by THAT team!!


I wonder if Rodgers has nightmares about this guy? Tales. You lose Rodgers.


He had to have help from the refs half the time anyway…
And, don’t think for a second they won’t be helping Jordan Love.

Not as much as the refs will help Rodgers, in NY? Psh, might as well mark it down now, NYJ will get the most 1st downs from a penalty and they’ll have the least offensive holding calls in the league.

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