Is it just me?

I am glad our guys have two weeks to heal and rest and glad our staff has two weeks to gameplan and scheme

But DAMN…this is gonna seem like forever until we get to see our guys line up and show us if they are for real contenders or they are pretenders :scream:

I want to know!!! LOL

The only thing I care about this weekend is Michigan v Iowa and Green Bay at Dallas. Hoping Dallas wins but just thinking that makes me want to scrub myself with lye and a wire brush

Is anybody else just wishing we could get it on with the Packers already?


One potential upside to losing to KC is the Lions should come out motivated against GB. Of course in a purrrfect world the cats win both games. But if I had to choose I’d choose beating GB 10 times out of 10


Although I recognize the need to get healthy, it’s not just you.


Me too


I respect the Chiefs but have zero ill will towards them or their fans

The Packers??? Just want to shut their arrogant fans up.

I said before the Chiefs game I expected us to lose to them (a lot worse tham we did) but then I just wanted us to put it behind us and Take Care of Business v The Packers

That game means sooo much more


The Patriots used to be my most hated team (still my #2) but now it’s the Packers. I cant stand Erin Rodgers with a passion, plus it helps they are in the same division.


I cant stand listening to Joe Buck approach orgasm every time he utters the words “Erin Rodgers”



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Or Chris Collinsworth. I think it was against the Lions where Erin escaped the pocket for a 5 yard run and Chris acted liked he walked on water.


Our guys will beat GB, guys. Faith!

Packers are in over their heads, this year!


They view Erin Rodgers like I view Erin Andrews

Which reminds me…time to go look at that hotel peephole video again :heart_eyes:

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Dallas over Green Bay. Giants over Vikings. Raiders over Bears. Jaguars over Panthers. Bengals over Cardinals. Texans over Falcons. Buccs over Saints. Jets over Eagles. Pats over Redskins. Browns over 49ers.

Perfect Week/end/Monday!


Not THAT peephole video LOL :joy:

I think I will run that as a parlay bet :sunglasses:

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The way I look at it is the timing seems right due to injuries at key positions, so yes the time to heal deal.

More so, I think the timing is right so the staff and players can reflect and work off what they have done right and what they have done wrong. We’ve seen good examples of both. Time to be done with September ball and shift gears in October to something better…which I think many of us think this team is capable of doing.

No better opponent to do that to than the Packers in their house.

Also, after this bye week I have Lions football from here on out!


Stop being so damn logical!!!



LOL! I can’t help it man…that’s all I got left. I had to give up my crazy and get level.

It’s that military "“situational awareness” deal

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Plus I want the Packets to lose in the worst fricken way.


Extend our win streak against them a few more years.
Can’t wait


My dream is the Lions going 6-0 in the division, with the rest of 'em going 2-4. And we get a 1st round bye.