Is Josh Johnson our new #2 QB

Who would you guys rather have as our #2 QB?

Josh Johnson made a strong bid to unseat Tom “the Macho Man” Savage last night.

JJ was 9 of 15 for 157 yards and a TD.

Savage was 5 for 9 for 33 yards, 0 TD’s.

JJ gets my vote. I don’t really think Savage got much of an opportunity when he was in there, but as I see it I’d rather have the QB without a history of concussions. I suspect Savage’s arm might be better but JJ’s legs might keep a few more drives alive. And JJ did look pretty good against Buffalo and Cleveland.

yaaaawwwnnn and stuff. some day they’ll get a real backup QB…….

I think by default it’s Josh…gulp!

Who cares, they are screwed if either has to play any significant time.

Until Hoyer gets here.

Tim Boyle
Sean Mannion
Chase Daniel

Those are the backups in our division… Color me not impressed. Daniel is the only “real” backup in the division.

Is Chase the only “real” backup because he’s a name we’d recognize or because he’s better than the rest?

No, bc he’s the only one with starting experience that isn’t abysmal

I definitely agree

My test for a legit backup.


Did you ever see the sports science where Drew Brees was literally more accurate than an Olympic archer? It was incredible to watch. Drew is so accurate that hitting a number is child’s play. If you put your hands up he can damn near decide whether he wants the ball to hit them slightly closer to your ring finger or pinky finger. LOL

I didn’t, but I’d like to see Stafford do this with Millen sitting in the tank.

This is unreal

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