Is Kerryon blocking and catching more than getting yards as a RB?

I like Bevell to a point , but KJ has 126 rushing yards…I feel that’s because Bevell uses him in other ways besides running.

Our OL needs all of the help they can get. You are correct. Same with TEs. If we had a better OL, we’d see people being used very differently.

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Honestly, as long as we keep winning I don’t think it will bother me too much if KJs stats aren’t that great. Seems like we only have one top performer per game so far, so if that’s the winning formula I will take it

I know KJ has often been tackled in the backfield but i’m not sold on him as a #1 RB yet…We’ll see.

He seems to be really slow in the get-off and making decisions. Yes, it could be bad run blocking so I’m not freaking out yet.

I’d like to see more of TY Johnson who is much quicker to the hole. If Kerryon has another bad game i’d start TY and give him 15 carries.

Disagree completely, Kerryon is patient and let’s his blocks develop, he’s facing 8 man boxes half the time, hard to run when your blockers are outnumbered. He’s braking tackles, falling forward and making guys miss, he’s a good back.


Just wanted to say that KJ has been a hell of a blocker this season, and made another key pickup yesterday. I like this kid a lot, I hope we can start opening up holes consistently for him and that he stays healthy.

Do you have stats to back up that statement? It looks to me like he’s facing the same defensive fronts as most RB’s in the league.

“Patient” is certainly the positive way to look at it. So far he has not been good. I did relay the possibility that it is because of poor run blocking. I just wouldn’t wait the entire season to start Ty Johnson if he continues to put up terrible stats.

Scroll down, there’s literally a thread called lions facing more 8 man boxes than anyone in the NFL

Or, scroll up in this thread. That’s why I posted it.

Good find. That at least gives ya hope. I wonder how accurate that stat is? I see defenses showing 8 and then dropping back into coverage after the snap. Does that stat mean they stay 8 in the box?

I just replied to the headline. I don’t always read the thread. I thought it was a good thread to discuss his lack of production running the ball.

Agree. He has had some very good runs just to get a couple yards vs losing 4 or 5.

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Bevell & Patricia are using KJ to Block and catch far more than running…which is why I said we don’t know what we have in our RB’s based of a heavy run, where we can see who the best “running” RB is . our staff is using the players differently…that’s why I ‘was’ hard on Hockenson from a “receiver” standpoint. BUT we have also been using him to block and protect. sigh, I remember the good old days when your O-line was good enough to do the job all by themselves. :crazy_face: