Is Kerryon Johnson a bell cow RB?

If so, explain why.

Personally, I don’t trust him to stay healthy an entire season.

If not, how early do you draft a RB?

I’m not really in favor of a free agent, but if that’s your preference, let me know why as well!

KOJ is not a bell cow. He will just get hurt to often. The Lions would be smart to pair him with another player. If through the draft probably in the 3rd round at earliest, unless there is just some guy who pops out in the 2nd. As for free agency, maybe look at someone of the possibly not too expensive options like Tevin Coleman or CJ Anderson. Kareem Hunt would be interesting, but he will more than likely be suspended half the season. Le’veon Bell would be awesome but probably want too much cash.

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I think LA stated they want to keep CJ.

Sucks we had the chance to sign him …

So, say we go after someone in the draft.

Do you want a bruiser?

Maybe a guy that can catch the ball and be shifty, to replace Riddick?

Which way are you going there, “stylistically?”

I think KJ can be a 1000 yard rusher and 400-500 yard receiver (maybe a bit more) if he can stay healthy, and i have no reason to believe that he wont. Is that cow bellish?

I would still like to add a guy like TJ Yeldon as a #2 in FA. He’s averaged 4 ypc and 1700 yards receiving over the course of his career, plus he should come at a reasonable price.

I think i’d try to resign Blount as my short yardage guy.

With Yeldon’s hands i feel like Riddick becomes expendable and would be headed out via trade or release.

Finally, i’d look to draft a guy on day three that can take Blount’s spot a year from now, not necessarily a bigger back, just a guy that can develop and transition into the #2 guy in a year or two.

Someone who can replace what Blount was suppose to be. Some thunder to KJ’s lightning (as cliche as that sounds).

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So, how are we feeling with CJ and Ty?
I think CJ is a definite upgrade over Blount, and Ty is real good, but, needs a year of sparing use and a heavy dose of conditioning. I expect him to jump into the #2 spot next year.

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Would be nice if Ty worked out - I love the idea of a RB with home run ability. I feel good going into this season. ZZ appears quicker this year too. He’s never going to outrun people, but he looks to have a better burst than before. I’m happy with what we’re going in with.

Anderson could earn an extension. He seems to have the talent, but I’m concerned with his commitment (mostly because of the weight gain).
Ty has a high ceiling, but I thought the same of Brian Calhoun. LOL
KJ is smart & versatile. I pretty much give him a B+ in all categories. He potentially could be a great starter for a long time, but I’m with you guys in not trusting his health.

Lots to be determined.

Zenner has real good vision and just enough burst. Add his excellent physical condition and you have a very good back up that has shown the ability to carry the load if needed and be very respectable. There was a time, not so long ago, that 4.8 ypc would’ve have been the best on the team, by a long shot. Great on ST, too!

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This year is make or break for ZZ IMHO.

He gets undeservedly hyped around this fanbase and I’d love for him to meet that level.

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I am more optimistic (barring another injury) about the running game this season than I have been in a really long time.

Zenner performed better than CJ last year under very similar circumstances, except ZZ’s oline wasn’t anywhere near as good as CJ’s.
The lack of respect Zack gets is a head scratcher.

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Don’t worry, Fish, I have a feeling we’re going to see him behind a big, ugly FB in a short yardage situations. You’ll get to see your boy.

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Give him at least a half season of carries and I’d put a little more stock in averages. As it stands right now, the sample size is much too small. Basing his entire worth or even potential on 55 attempts just doesn’t work for me.

At any rate, I’m almost sure that I’m the only one here that doesn’t see it, so I’m not sure who else you could be referencing as far as disrespectful toward him.

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I think a bell-cow RB is one who carries the rock at least 20-25 times a game, and at this point in his career KeJo is up to it. I see him as averaging 15 carries in an RBBC approach, with a power guy and a speed guy behind him. TyJo could be your speed guy, and CJA your power guy but he’s only here for one year and I suspect will be looking for bigger bucks than the Lions want to pay. Mark Thompson could fill that role, or Zenner.

IMHO, your 4th RB should be an STer who can fill in for an injured guy when called upon. That’s who ZZ is, he won’t outrun anybody but he will break some tackles if he gets a hole to run through. Plus, he catches the ball and pass protects; he doesn’t do anything really well, but for God’s sake what are you expecting from an RB4?

It’s a bit early to tell where the priorities should be for next year’s draft. Who gets signed, re-signed, or dropped and where are the holes. And which positions in the draft are deep and which aren’t. Are they going to need a better LG? Or OT? DT, if A’Shawn and Daniels are gone. CB, LB, WR? I can definitely see them going after a speed burning WR, maybe on Day 2.

Back to KeJo, he’s gotta show he can stay healthy for 16 games, and to me that requires careful handling of his carries and snaps. And THAT requires some talent behind him in your RB2 and RB3. TyJo and Zenner and maybe Thompson might fill the bill, and they can always sign an FA RB. Maybe it depends on who is sitting there when the Lions’ turn comes up.

And back to Zenner; guys, this fella can play but he ain’t going to create anything. And that’s why he ain’t an RB1. If our OL is half-way decent at run-blocking the he could have a bigger year than many expect.

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Is he elite?

You’re not alone in the lack of ZZ love. He’s…ok for what he is. He’s personally inspiring and all that, but he’s pretty much a #4 back.

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The coaching staffs.

Wait…what? Did you look up the wrong CJ…or the wrong year?

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The way he played last year in limited action deserves attention and more opportunities. As I’ve said previously, I would try to work in 5 to 7 carries a week for him.

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Yeah, he’s wrong. But not that wrong. CJ averaged 4.3 ypc with the Panthers before he got traded, and only averaged 4.1 ypc in the postseason for the Rams. But his ridiculous 299 yards over 2 games at the end of the regular season for the Rams went for an average of 7.0 ypc. Overall, he averaged 5.2 ypc in 2018. Zenner averaged 4.8 ypc.

Of course, you could argue that Anderson’s great performances at the end of the regular season were a result of opponents ignoring the run because Gurley was hurt and focusing on the pass, making it easier for Anderson. Once they keyed on him in the post season, his ypc dropped quickly.

Interestingly, Zenner finished with a 4.8 ypc average, but never averaged less than 4.4 ypc in 2018 in any of the 7 games he played. That 4.4 ypc average was actually the last game of the season against GB, so it’s not like he padded his stats against a team that wasn’t playing hard.

Conversely, Anderson averaged 4.0 ypc or less in 6 of the 12 games he played in, but averaged over 5.0 ypc in 5 of the other 6. In other words, he was very much boom or bust.