Is Levis a Stafford clone?

When i watch Will Levis I see Matt Stafford. He has unreal arm, inconsistent accuracy, gunslinger mentality. But Levis probably a better athlete. Stafford was an underachiever at Georgia. Inconsistent play but just crazy upside. I See Levis similarly

He took a beating last year at Kentucky. Truly hard to scout him off his play last season. There was a bad coaching change. Also real drop off in WR play with Wandale Robinson going to NFL

If Lions remain safe and none aggressive in FA. I could see them continuing to take rebuild slow and picking a QB. Levis is most likely QB to be there at 6. He sits for a year and learn from Brunell. He seems like a Dan Campbell kind of guy

I like Goff but another season like last year and he will be asking for 50 million a year. The QBmarket is just about who is next to get paid not about how good they really are. Paying Goff that kind of money would be crippling


Stafford might be the smartest qb in the nfl. The guy has rainman math skills (can multiply 10 digit numbers in is head as fast as a calculator).


I’m thinking more and more that QB is in play at 6. It could be Levis, it could be AR. I’m not saying I’m a fan of it, but when do you take your shot? With a bonus pick that you thought was going to be in the late 20’s and winds up at 6.

Levis did not have a good year, but that situation reminds me of Dan Marino, who also had a bad senior year and dropped to the 20’s. We passed on him, and I was pissed, I saw him up close (was a Pitt grad student at the time) and knew he would be good. I really don’t know much about Levis, but I think you are right to point out the factors that were against him this past year. Our guys should be able to develop him.

He has a good arm and quick release like Stafford, but I give Stafford the edge in each. I also saw a few bullet screens like Stafford used to throw, but touch on screens can be learned like Matt did. Levis seems alot faster than Matt.

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I know he had a bad year…

But i still wouldnt touch him. Kyle Boller 2.0

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Lol did he win a Superbowl ?
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@Wenotme thanks for posting this article. Pretty humble and insightful honestly. Quality read.

Is this why you are saying Levis is like Boller:

“Boller’s inaccuracy was not solely a result of the poor receivers at Cal, but also Kyle’s occasional nervousness in the pocket, which forced his fundamentals to falter at critical times”

Boller was drafted for his huge arm. They made excuses for his poor accuracy in college and drafted him anyway out of a pro style offense. They thought he had a good head and was a leader. Sound familiar?

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That was 20 years ago. Boller was another Tedford QB. He was churning out NFL QB (Harrington, Akili Smith, David Carr, Dilder) bust at an alarming rate besides Rodgers. Levis plays in SEC too, not watered down no defense playing Pac-10 like Boller did. Boller was seeing ghost when he played. Levis just took a beating at Kentucky and still kept getting up.


We should draft Levis and trade him to the Rams for two 1st round picks and Matt Stafford!


I dont expect levis to get past the colts and seahags. 4 qbs will go before lions pick

That mental math video was a setup.

No it wasnt. It was a total ambush. Stafford can really do that on the fly. Not everyone sucks at math. I almost finished a degree in math so i am an outlier.

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Why do you suppose good QB’s, get paid?
Why do you suppose we’ve never won a Conference championship in the Super Bowl era?
If you’re the GM of the Detroit Lions and you have the number 8 QB in the league, a guy that has 3 Pro Bowls, 5 out of 7 winning seasons, and a Super Bowl appearance and switch him for an unknown on the cheap, and the young guy flops.
Pack your bags, and pack warm clothes. It gets cold in Saskatchewan…if you’re lucky!

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Might as well spend another 100m this year then because you are packing your bags if you pay a QB like Jared Goff 50m per year as well.

So, you think Goff will be out of the league when we let him go?

Lol what is that leap you just made? Your responses sometimes leave me :woozy_face:

Somebody is going to pay him and he is going to win games for them…but, at least it won’t be us, right?
Me leaping? That’s me trying to follow your logic.

We have been over this before. Name the QBs that have gotten paid that worked out. I’ll wait…

You said you are getting fired if you draft a QB and move on from Goff in 2024 right? Well I said if you pay him 50m per year you might as well also pack your bags, because that’s eventually getting you fired too.

You are right, someone’s gonna pay Goff (that’s if he maintains his top 10 status for the next two years). When they do, if it’s at “market value,” they are getting fired too. I am not making some huge leap here…the support to back up my claim is overwhelmingly in my favor :man_shrugging:t2: