Is MP punctuality issue related to naming staff?

MP doesn’t seem to be one who places a high degree of importance on conducting matters in a timely manner. It gives me the impression of a “helter skelter” approach to things like being on time to team meetings & to date in naming the remainder of his coaching staff. Is he just a procrastinator or is this something that can be negatively impacting his coaching while adversely affecting his message to his players? My point is this, he is preparing to coach an all star game this weekend with an incomplete staff in place. One would think that the missing position coaches would be valuable tools in the assessment of potential draft targets. He made assurances to the League that he would have an assembled staff in place by the time the practices commenced, obviously this is not the case. I may very well be making something out of nothing but I have a feeling this could be a red flag in his makeup that has been overlooked to date.

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I would say no. There are still two teams playing with staff to raid, and two more teams have just now opened up. So it is possible that he is eyeing guys from those teams. But really the GM, HC, DC and OC are in place. So are the Scouts. I don’t think the Oline assistant stands up and goes, we have to take Thomas and Quinn goes “you’re right, the HC and OC don’t want him at this spot, but since you think so…”


Outside of politics, I can think of no one thing that has been blown so overblown as Patricia’s meeting attendance. It was disgruntled media making a mountain out of a molehill. He sacrificed punctuality for the concerns of individuals and getting them on the same page. This year there were less people adapting, more people aware of their own responsibilities and zero issues with him being late to anything.


Good point Line, and allow me to add that the Senior Bowl is typically where most position coaches make moves. I don’t remember exactly when but a few years back I remember a team filling out their missing PCs while coaching the players at the senior bowl.

I think it’s more related to 3-12-1 and trying to convince assistant coaches it’s more than a one year move.


It’s definitely possible. It’s also possible that it’s tough to find quality coaches who want to work with Patricia. The Lions had to reach to the bottom of the barrel for their DC hire.

MP’s punctuality is no longer an issue. Several reporters have come out and talked about how there were significant improvements from year 1 to year 2 in how MP conducted himself with the media and then overall as a head coach versus a coordinator. MP no longer misses meetings. The conversation regarding these hires is overblown.


Patricia is one of the worst coaches in NFL history. No one is coming here to coach under him unless they’re worthless.

LOL. Does Patricia do anything aside from eating?

Typical Igg, two year coaching result is now worst in all of “NFL history”. Sounds like a great claim LOL…

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Wow. That is pretty odd. Like, did he just go out and hire the first guy who said “yes”?

I also agree with you on this Iggy (I know, 2 things in the same day)…… what the actual phuck is Patricia doing with his time? For someone who feels the need to tell people he “works 20 hours a day”, he sure sucks at his actual, you know, job.

I’ve learned a lot in my working career, and one of those things is, the guys who always has to tell you how many hours they worked or how much they do or “I had to come in Saturday”, are usually pretty worthless and lazy.

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I concede the point that punctuality may be “overblown” but the overriding issue could very well be the inability of managing the overall day to day responsibilities of a being a head coach. There are good positional coaches who often become head coaches & fail to achieve success; the list is endless. I fear that Patricia may be another such casualty. There remains time, though not a lot, to turn this around & as a long time fan I certainly hope it happens.

It was widely reported that Philly’s players were saying that if JS got picked up for a HC gig, that our DC was the one who would likely be promoted. Just saying. Daryll Bevell did and that turned out pretty well. He OC’d 2 SB teams. I don’t call that worthless.


He just can’t help himself. You can’t make this up.

Well, in all fairness, Patricia (with a .297 winning percentage) is presently in the bottom 10:

BTW–The article is neither accurate nor up-to-date. Indeed, they forgot Marty Mornhinweg and his .156 winning percentage.

You don’t get to be 5’8" and 390 lbs by “working 20 hours a day”.

**we get it, u think he is fat and worthless. Who cares?!

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How many are missing from his staff? Im sure he has enough to evaluate the players.

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